How do I use the halve waiting time voucher?

  • Yep, typically I am not hauling passengers on that server. Thanks

    Doesn't matter.

    If for example you use one of those tickets on the city screen (passengers section), it will add 2 more hours to the time, waiting time is reduced ... for all.

    So it might be wise sometimes to use that voucher on a neighbour city, where your mates are getting passengers to haul into your city.

    But most important: if you haul passengers or not ... when the city levels up, you will get prestige points for having spent that voucher.

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  • Its also a good way to help your city during the End Game. Save your vouchers and then use them on the surrounding cities during the end game helps with clearing the passengers quicker. Whether you are hauling passengers or not it will help everyone else and it helps the city. :)

  • i find those vouchers very usefull on the steam over Europe versions, waitingtimes in the cities can be very high and when you want to bring passengers to the landmark it goes almost in double time when you use the half waitingtime vouchers of buy it for money.