Origin: Timetable Calculator: Glass Vienna South not seen by calculator when delivering to Windowmaker Vienna South

  • Origins Journey is not available as Scenario to report a defect, so I have marked it as All, same for the Game World, COMM301 Black Forest is not available.

    Required conditions:

    Have a Plus account to enable Timetable Calculator

    Connected to:


    Windowmaker Vienna South

    Glass factory Vinna South

    Glass factory Graz North


    Click on Vienna to open city panel

    Select Windows

    Select Windows schedule assistant

    Select Vienna South as origin point

    Select "add previous stop"

    Observed behaviour:

    Glass factory Vienna South is not offered as an option, the only source offered is Graz North.



    Glass factory Vienna South is offered as an origin point if repeating the process from WIndowmaker Graz North-West.


    Currently playing on:

    M1.201 Scandinavia