COM101 Rocky Mountains issues

  • heres a question since a lot of the players affected were in top eg cities and all going for the win will rn actually adjust the amounts needed to be hauled per player lost in that city ? 7 in one city alone I cannot even be bothered to look at the other affected players cities even though I know a top player in another city was wiped a main caller for that city the implications just grow and grow and still the answers come from mods not actually from a game developer

  • Questions and Answers - What happened on COM101?

    Q: Didn't you have a backup?

    A: Gameworld backups are created daily. We had a backup dated approx. 3 hours before the incident occurred.

    Q: Then why can't we do a rollback?

    A: The topic of rollback is complicated. We did consider doing a rollback but ultimately we decided against it.

    We never had a situation like this before and the issue at hand didn’t just delete the avatars from the gameworld but also from other systems. A simple rollback would not have worked and there was the possibility that after the rollback even more players could be affected. But ultimately, what we absolutely knew was, that we couldn’t have given the players access back to their original avatars, even if the data would be restored via rollback. Upon login they still would have been given a new avatar by the game.

    Q: What other options did you have if rollback was not possible?

    A: Our second option was to manually move all the data from backup to their newly created avatars. While the rollback would have restored both RTS and gameworld data, the manual move could have only restored the gameworld data. A lot of information would have been lost and the avatars would not function correctly, especially for the endgame and achievement calculations.

    Unfortunately there was no third option to fix things so we went over to compensation. Reimbursement of paid Gold, Compensation Gold, One round of Plus-Account and 1.000 Career points.

    Q: What happens to our endgame now that we have lost some of the heavy lifters?

    A: Amounts of endgame goods are determined by the city level. The number of players determines the consumption rate.

    We do understand the meaning of the question. Maybe players wouldn’t have leveled this high had they known some of their friends would leave. But this is nothing we can change on-the-fly unfortunately.

    Q: What gurantees can you give that this will not happen again?

    A: This happening again – we cannot honestly promise that a scenario like this will never happen again but we are doing everything in our power to prevent it.

    The issue that caused this incident has been identified and most of the fallout has been fixed (except for the unlucky 44 players). We are still investigating why the avatars were deleted in the first place and once we have this information, we intend to fix the issue completely.

    We hope these answered to your most pressing questions, and once again thank you for your patience while we worked with this issue. We were unable to protect the game progress of all players, and for this we apologize.

    Kind regards,
    Your Rail Nation team

  • so at this present time there is a chance on all the servers for this to happen again ??

    secondly the option that was never considered considering the actual wider impact on this round on that server should have been to suspend the round why was this not considered

  • so at this present time there is a chance on all the servers for this to happen again ??

    secondly the option that was never considered considering the actual wider impact on this round on that server should have been to suspend the round why was this not considered

    We have never had a situation like this before in all the years of Rail Nation, and we found the cause - which we intend to fix completely. While the investigation part is not completely over yet, we are doing everything in our power to prevent it from ever happening again.

    To your next question, suspending a round would mean all the other 1700+ registered players would not have the option to finish the round they had started. It would be unfair to ask them such a thing.

  • but we had no choice but to forfeit the round and accept the compensation package without having any input on what should happen and you seem to think that is fair to those players even though it has impacted them greater it still has wider implications on the outcome of a round which in reality is why the server should have been suspended and forfeited for all its a double standard to expect 44 players to accept losing the round even with a compensation package which cannot in all fairness replace 11 and a half weeks of work getting cities into there end game positions preparing associations who joining them prepping industries and then to just told your going to get this this and this to compensate you but you got to forfeit the work and probably if you delved into how many active players that are on the server it would be less than the number showing and the next round there be 44 players less as most of them wont return down to the way it was handled and how it has played out since

    and im sure many in those assos/cities that were affected wont be back so the figure could be greater that will not return

  • Screenshot by Lightshot

    Graphics seem to have gone haywire. Wrong trains icons showing in train list. at stations while loading and in the research tree. Avatars also have bits missing and the wrong clothes on and looks like they have something over the mouth.

    Several others have replied in region forum they have the same prob when i posted asking if anyone else was having probs. that they have the same problem. Refreshing, rebooting doesnt fix it.

    Started sometime this evening.

    Screenshot above of what the train list is showing.