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  • Thank you so much everyone for participating!

    Lots of answers, and also plenty of correct letter/number combinations!


    Q:1 Robert Stephenson worked together with his father, George

    Q:2 In Rail Nation, we have a server called Firebox - but without the Doors. So Firebox Doors was the correct answer.

    Q:3 The fastest train travels with the max speed of 430km/h. At least from trains that are in use. There is one train that broke all the speed records but it is not in public use and all tracks have not been laid yet. Will be interesting to see how fast the Chuo Shinkansen - Japanese Maglev will travel once everything is ready! If you answered Japanese Maglev though, your answer will be counted as correct.

    Q:4 A trick question, one we need in the world of Google search and Wikipedia! Bombay to Tannah (or Tanna) is the correct answer, as those were the names of the cities during the British Raj. Cities were much later re-named Mumbai and Thane.

    Q:5 Just over 24 hours (depending on the source, 26 or 27 as well) would both be correct answers. Postal services grew to be a big business partner and paid much of the bills.

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