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  • Hello RN community

    I don't know if anyone mention that in the past but i would like to see an Acceleration worker.We have MAX Speed worker and waiting time reduction worker which are both great but we don't have an Acceleration worker.

    Era 1:1ACC Bonus and can go up to Era6:6ACC Bonus.Thats just an example

    Kind Regards Higo

  • I think that worker of faster acceleration for locomotives would be nice in game. He can give for Satyr and Phoenix beautiful demand. :thumbup:

    Now Medusa don't have competitors in 5th epoch and none locomotives in 6th one before Olimp can't be complete replacement Medusa because they are somewhere better and somewhere worse.

  • I think that this worker is too bad in comparison to others. I think better just add some acceleration to speed workers.

    Like + 2 +3 +5 for 1-2 era, 3-4 era, 5-6 era.

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  • Another good question related to this topic:

    Worker slots: Would a 4th slot be needed or would it give too much power to the big associations?

    Keep in mind that a worker can be purchased again while you still have it, on small servers a big association could prevent you from buying any good worker if you give them too many slot.

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  • I believe 3 slot is enough.

    I think that worker can change a bit the Direction we players have.Every round most of us are using same trains which makes the game predictable.That worker will help players to chose slow ACC trains with more Tractive force like Satyr-Phoenix as people mention before.

    Imagine Phoenix and Satyr they gain no bonus from Siemens if there not in rout of 7+tracks for Satyr and 8+tracks for Phoenix

    Some trains will benefit from an ACC worker while other trains will not gain as much or will not gain at all.

  • New worker: Make friendly/rival bonus higher. Lets say from 25% wt to 35% the first 3 eras, then 40% from era 4-6. That would get up the heat on rivalries, and firendly status would be more rewarding. Maybe make it two workers. One for firendly bonus, and one for rival bonus.

    Suggestions on friendly bonus pioneer: Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kofi Annan

    Suggestions on rival bonus pioneer: Oh, that would be a hard one to come up with.

  • A worker who will reduce the city consumption would be very nice :):)

    or a worker who will increase the deliveries,

    or gives the ability to attach more wagons to each engine. e.g. era 1 one wagon, era 2 two wagons etc.


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