Play Like a Pro!

  • If you want to save time & money, I'm sure we all do, Use your "Widgets".

    There are many to choose from, I like the corp. & cities these are my main source of work space, I join them together in to make one row of movable work space, as the cities grow in # so do the # of widgets, generally have about 5 cities per.widget row. They save time in the short cuts, Example: Let's say you are conn. to 15 cities, you need to go & check your trains in Chicago! Simply click on the icon of chicago in your widget & whallla! your there, same with entering the city.

    The corp. widget saves time by listing all the members in you corp. & earns money by watching ads & collecting bonuses right from the same place, thus eliminating the need to go to the station. you can re-name it also.