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  • If you want to save time & money, I'm sure we all do, Use your "Widgets".

    There are many to choose from, I like the corp. & cities these are my main source of work space, I join them together in to make one row of movable work space, as the cities grow in # so do the # of widgets, generally have about 5 cities per.widget row. They save time in the short cuts, Example: Let's say you are conn. to 15 cities, you need to go & check your trains in Chicago! Simply click on the icon of chicago in your widget & whallla! your there, same with entering the city.

    The corp. widget saves time by listing all the members in you corp. & earns money by watching ads & collecting bonuses right from the same place, thus eliminating the need to go to the station. you can re-name it also.

  • If you are opening lottery tickets during the round, keep 3 Clothing Vouchers and 1 Production Series Voucher so that you can't receive these as prizes anymore, which gives you a higher chance at the other available prizes.

    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3

  • Hold on to your lottery tickets on Era 1 until you have 1,000 or more prestige. This way you can win a Bonus engine!

    except your daily tickets, these will expire

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    If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

  • Saving speed and mechanic bonuses for the final round of the game is much more beneficial, both individually and in groups.

    also saving the instant dispatch vouchers for the endgame

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    If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

  • I disagree. When I first started playing this is what I would do. Now I level up my restaurant and hotel first to produce the cash needed for the rest.

    Hi Jalistair, and all

    Just to be clear, this is a forum proposing things. I play for fun and the way each one plays is different. Maybe going for the restaurant and hotel is better. Personally I got my lab at level 9 in a test event I did in the German server, started 10, and then bought the starter pack. Worked out just fine for me. Maybe as many "pros" here say, restaurant is better, I don't doubt it, I just find it has a small difference on the long run and prefer to focus on the laboratory.

    That's the fun of the game. People enjoy it in a different way :D


  • Nobody is saying that you can't play the way you like, you most certainly can play whatever way you want, what we are saying is that is not optimal and doesn't belong to this thread where we are not asking "what's funnier" but "what's optimal".

    Your way is fun to you, please keep on playing, your way is NOT optimal though, as such is not a pro suggestion.

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  • Hello Detonator, no worries and no judgment. It is only a game and there are different playing styles. I just gave my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

  • This guide was written by an ordinary player quite a long time ago. The manual is unofficial. Why don't your regular players translate it? )

    At the same time and adjust to the latest game changes?

    For example. The topic of the research was written before the introduction of new passenger trains and changes in the characteristics of the others.