The Game Hangs All The Time!

  • It is becoming a real nuisance to do anything. Whenever you press a button, the action may occur, or the game may hang.

    Train scheduling is hanging on Let's Go almost half the time.

    The game hangs on login, logout, changing servers, upgrading a building in the station house, laying track, and even watching the videos that may or may not be broken.

  • I am in End Game on Steam Boiler server.

    I have had to reload the page the last 4 calls in order to set my train schedules for the call. This is a huge nuisance when it happens a lot.

    My other favorite is trying to switch servers. The game hangs. I reload and I have to re-enter the password to get back to where I was before the game became hung.

    I am playing 3 servers at this time. I estimate that I have to reload pages in order to continue somewhere between 50-100 times per day.

    I do not have problems with any other websites.

    It is not about clearing cache. The last time I cleared the cache it took me 9 attempts to log into the game.

  • Hi Balibar - sounds troubling and not something I'm familiar with.

    Have you tried how the game runs on another browser? If this could help as the first aid.

    How to report a bug? What do I have to keep in mind?

    If nothing helps, please contact game support and tell them which browser you use, when this started to happen etc. You can find support here: Support : Rail Nation and from the game once you have logged in.

  • I am running FireFox. It is not the browser, because I did not have this problem 1 month ago. The problem is getting worse over time. Requests from the page to the server are not getting a response which causes the game to hang.

    An even bigger nuisance is when you are sitting for an account and the game hangs. When you reload the page, you are no longer sitting and the game can hang when switching to the sitter.

    I have had to resort to reloading the page shortly before re-scheduling my trains, and that doesn't work all the time because the page loses contact with the server in a short period of time.

    You can observe lost contact when mouse over facilities no longer works.

    You can try just waiting for a response, but you may be waiting for Godot.

  • what i have noticed is as soon as there are 100-125 people logged in, the server starts to lag noticeably.

    at about 150 people pretty much everything is very slow to respond, and freezes start to happen fairly often.

    by the time 175-200+ are logged in, like during EG, the servers became nearly unplayable.

    at this point reloads and browser re-boots are required at least 10 times an hour, with logins taking up to several minutes.

    on some of the faster paced servers i play, this dramatically impacts efforts to follow calls, be on point for recalc changes, ect.

    i don't know what the devil your techs are doing, but whatever it is, they are causing players to leave the game entirely.

    in servers i play, we have lost several people due to this problem.

    don't believe me? no problem. simply track the numbers over the last 6-9 months, it's pretty clear.