The Game Hangs All The Time!

  • I do not know why.

    But the Berlin server test is more accurate to me than the Munich server test.

    Even with high speed internet to Munich

    I have a problem with the game

    But I have a bad Internet connection to the Server in Berlin


    I come to the conclusion.

    That the game uses a very bad internet provider X/

  • The speedtest difference between Berlin and Munich is likely because of the recieving pc/server and its connection.Basically anyone(/everyone) can become a host.

    But i agree,they could do with a upgrade.

  • Now my internet connection to this server in Berlin is OK. The game is also OK.

  • Kenson

    I think most people understand now (after same message in several thread) that U are very angry on RN or get a very bad connection - but remember we are a lot of players with no prob at all

    Why - hmm think about it

    Have a nice evening

    Cheers Rype

  • Unfortunately, I think there is not a small percentage of players who have a problem. At least from time to time.

    I'm one of those players.

    I think this is a problem that needs serious attention from developers.

    It's very annoying!

    But if you haven't felt it ... you can't imagine how horrible it is!

    With best wishes,


  • Hey HMR

    When it comes from U i listen and hope RN also do, but from my little world it is working really good, ofc with the usual problem caused by server "down" prob from RN but do not see any prob on video or game speed.

    Got an ok internet connection with 150/32 mbp but is a surprised that we can got so different result on the game

    Have a nice Saturday evening

    Cheers Rype

  • Rype, the difference is because the problem has nothing to do with connection speed. Like I said, EVERY other internet site in the entire world works just fine for me.

    Yet I always have loading bar issues with RN only.

    There is something wrong with RN, with their backbone provider Telia, or with their loading mechanisms.

    Great for you that your connection works fine, but think about it. For anyone experiencing problems and who can therefore not play the game properly and is told every time that it is their own problem and they should just change browsers or whatever, this is incredibly frustrating!!!

    The problem is not on the player side, therefore the problem is on RN's side, or with RN's backbone provider. Either way, there is nothing I can do to fix it. And even though RN support keeps saying there is nothing they can do either.... there is. They can for once trust the players who report a problem and investigate it properly.

    And again, I am locked out of both servers, they will not load (yet I can reach the forum and start page here just fine).

    Nuff said.

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

  • Today entire day:

    Ping / Speed USA > Munich Telekom 141 ms, 22.41 download, 12.01 upload

    No issues anywhere else or with any other sites, no change in any settings or browsers, they normally work fine except for this recurring issue every week or every couple of days.

    Yes again, for clarity I deleted all history, temp files, cache, flash cache, flushed DNS etc etc etc.

    Lobby loading bar hangs at 50%, finally loads partially, can reach the forum after 20 tries and 10 minutes (to post this).

    Server loading bars all hang at 0%, will not load.

    Can't log in to support page to send ticket.

    Pretty please, with sugar on top. Tell me one more time that the problem is on my end!

  • Dutcher

    I owe U an apology - i just get a new internet provider with 1000/1000 upload/ download and NO change compare with my previous 50/30 (on Wifi) - so i think U are total right not even on video's there is a change.

    Cheers Rype