The relevance of City Comps on Steam over Europe version

  • HMR's solution is really easy to implement, but it may lead to unwanted leveling up the city during the competition. Thus I prefer the LM competition - when we use only 4 goods, then most of the city comp mechanics and code can be reused.

  • I'd be happy with either solution, just please do something to make the city comps relevant in the SoE version of the game please!

    Hear Me Roar's solution is elegant and shouldn't be too difficult to implement - that's a version where the city comp runs as usual, but the bonus can be applied to the LM or the city   

    (hmmm, maybe the mayors could have an option to set where they want the bonus to be?!)

    Railin Ron's suggestion to just compete with the 4 lowest goods is also worth considering and would still work in the SoE version.

    For either solution, we'd have something relevant and still have to plan ahead to be strategically positioned to do well in the comps and make good use of the bonus - at present the city comps and bonuses are just time wasted to us.

  • maybe the mayor/council could decide on whether to take part in city or LM competition. Even the best run regions have rogue players or assos that ruin the regional plans.

    This would be worse than the actual problem, rogue players could take over your city and prevent you from running the comp.

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