Clash! is back!

  • Clash! is back!

    On the 30th of August, Clash! will go live again as one of the challenges of this year’s Masters 2 event!

    Clash is free for everyone and in a global ranking we will be looking for the best player among you, who will be rewarded with this shiny physical trophy:

    And of course, there will be achievements too. You can find more info about that in the Lobby.

    You never played Clash! ? No problem. Clash! is a fast, exciting and simple game that can be played against other players in the Lobby. To make sure everyone has time to learn and train, Clash! will be divided in 6 phases. The first phase is just a training phase where you have nothing to lose. In every following phase you will earn more and more points for each match you win. You will be able to play 5 ranked matches per day, so you don’t need to play all day to win. You just need to be the best ;)

    Schedule & rules

    • You may only participate in Rail Nation: Clash! with one Rail Nation account.
    • You can play 5 ranked matches per day
    • 30.8. – 5.9.: Training à No points for the ranking yet
    • 6.9. – 14.9.: Preliminary round (Basic points à 1st 6 points, 2nd 4 points, 3rd 2 points)
    • 15.9. – 21.9.: Doubled Points à 12, 8, 4
    • 22.9. – 27.9.: Tripled Points à 18, 12, 6
    • 28.9. – 1.10.: Quadrupled Points à 24, 16, 8
    • 2.10. – 3.10.: Five-fold Points à 30, 20, 10
    • Any attempts to cheat (i.e. trying to win with anything but skill) will lead to disqualification at the end of the tournament.
    • In case a BF/Travian employee wins the Clash! tournament, the physical trophy will go to the next best non-employee.
    • The general participation conditions for Masters 2 apply. You can find them on the Masters 2 info page in the lobby.

    May the best among you win!

    Your Rail Nation team

  • Dear players,

    As you know Clash! will end the 4th of October.

    Important for you to know is that the ranking after Clash ends is not final yet! We will check the rankings first to assure that all participants were playing fair and conform the rules that were announced above.

    The final winners will be announced here in the forum next week.

    Your Rail Nation team