Masters 2 Community Event

  • What happens if you get your 2nd star before the newbie masters starts?

    Unable to enter Masters due to only have 1 star and also unable to enter rising stars because you have too many stars lol

  • The Masters Servers weren't very well though through. When Masters Qualification started I had 1 star so couldn't join. The Classic Server I was playing on (Firebox) finished before the Server for people with zero or 1 star started.

    I won a 2 star account on that Classic Server. So now my choices are start late on the Masters Qualifications or don't play.

    Thanks for your well planned foresight.

  • You can't enter rising star when you have 2 stars.

    But you can make a later start on the master server as long as there are places left.

    no worries, even if RN closes one of the 3 servers and join it to the others 2 you would still have a lot of places left......

  • RN is playing with numbers and with all the players... there was some tricks to bring players to competition, (the hidden ones)...

    I would like to see RN publishing these numbers:

    subscribed players

    dropout players

    available places


  • Subscribed players, to Masters 2 servers you mean? If you visit the lobby, you should find the amount of players per server.

    Rising Stars: 3,247/3500
    Allstars Qualifications 1, 2 & 3: 4707/7500

    Dropout players, no idea.

    Available places? Not sure what you mean by this.

  • you really think Travian will us show the numbers of people who dropped out of the game?

    The reason why the servers are not full is a known fact, also for Travian. If a seller does not listen to his buyers, it is a logical consequence that the sale will reduce.

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  • Allstars wont drop out on 20kpp becaus it is only a Qualification an i am shure the real bonus pp will come when the Final Masters is running.

    Well i have allready one out of the Game for 7Days in my corp. and he dident had the 20kpp. I guess it is lack of interest or aktivety on all the Town.

  • Several have already dropped out of rising stars.

    I am sure it has been mentioned but how many qualify from each of the 4 servers?

    Actually, Rising Stars (RS) isn't a qualification server,. For the players with 0 or 1 Stars it is already the final stage.

    So there are only three servers, you van qualify for the Allstars-Final-Server, Allstars Qualification 1,2,3 (or M21-23), to be qualified for the Allstars-final, you have to finish at least minimum on place 833 in the player-ranking on M21-23, probably there is one quali-Server, where place 834 will also be qualified.

    Elsewise, you will be qualified, if you fail to reach place 833, but you are a member of an association that reaches the Top10 of the association ranking on one of the qualification-servers

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  • Fun fact: The Masters 2 servers are way more "sticky" than all the other servers. The ratio between active players and registered players is higher than on all other normal servers.

    So I wouldn't say people don't bother.

  • The players around the cities where I am are not really 'active', Yes they are classed as active, because they only need to log in once every 3 days for that, but where they would normally log in 2 or 3 times to their main server, to service & adjust their trains they are logging in far less on RS

  • Dieser Server ist leider voll. Bitte versuche es bei einem anderen Server.


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