Select only Cargo or Passenger trains for a particular task

  • We've talked about this one in the past, it keeps coming up in threads about train schedules, but because it's always tagged onto other threads, it seems to get overlooked.

    I've had a quick look and can't see a response saying that it has been forwarded to the developers for consideration, so I'm going to give it a thread of it's own so we can talk about it and get some feedback on this topic.

    Option to quickly select either only the Cargo or Passenger trains

    This would be very helpful, I've been thinking about this conundrum for a while now.

    Rather than having two different train lists, how about a simple checkbox with something like "Cargo trains only" or "Passenger trains only"? It could be in the menubar in the trains list for most of the menu options there (Service, Museum, Park, Mechanic, Boost).

    Here's a sample I just put together, so you can see what it might look like and how it might work as a solution:


  • That would definitely make it a Train manager. About 10 minutes ago I did a city comp at another city to trick up my prestige a little. First I had to check everything, then painstakingly go through and uncheck what I didn't want to go. Also splitting Pax hauling individually across the 2 cities as well

    Because I am helping another local association on Cotton and Pax I would have to refine my selections more.

    At the end of it all then I would have to reload my original schedules when the comp is over.

    All though Toots suggestion would not help much splitting across 2 cities at least it would make life a lot easier when sorting freight for moves and keeping pax out of it and vice versa.

    I always seem to run out of slots to save my different schedules when helping other local associations, I definitely would love to have the suggested option by Toots because it would save me a lot of time and give me more room to move as well lower my full listings of saved scheduled sets.

    Finally as Toots example shows, if you only want freight to park and leave pax running or maybe pax only to park and leave freight running. This would be very handy for end game. :)

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