Let's talk about Masters 2 and Clash!

  • Just came across someone purposefully crashing himself against me. Managed to grab second though. Where do we report cheaters like that ?

    Pretty annoying to lose points to that behaviour (especially when the first guy seems to manage to get 60 easily every day these days, as if that was possible with the generation and the crazies around LOL).

    You can only try the support. Or wait until Rail Nation weeds out the cheaters like last time when clash was active. Back then RN set a huge amount of accs to zero points.

  • There are no rules against cutting the route / crashing purposefully, and if there was - it could be hard to prove something like that. So, to my knowledge, no way to report players who are using "dirty tactics"

    Yeah. Then I guess the way to go is :

    1/ create new accounts from a common location not linked to your main account in any way

    2/ tag until you find other people going for the top10-100-1000

    3/ destroy them to compensate for your own loss of points due to cheaters.

    probably works best to eliminate people for the top10. Since to reach that position, anything else than a top1 is a loss.

    I suppose you, as well as me, can understand how this can quickly degenerate. Let's hope you guys find a solution before having to come to that :)

    But we know those angry trolls have been doing whatever they want on RN servers for a while. Surprising I haven't come to meet one before today on clash I suppose.

  • You can only try the support. Or wait until Rail Nation weeds out the cheaters like last time when clash was active. Back then RN set a huge amount of accs to zero points.

    We will do the same again this time. As it's specified in the rules: Any attempt to win with anything but skill can lead to disqualification from the tournament at the end.
    I really recommend not to try to cheat the system...it's not a good idea and it might turn out to be a lot of wasted time and effort at the end.



  • Why can't i play Clash? in everyday since the game started i would have until the night recalculation to play the 5 games..and now i can't play my last 5 games? how is this possible?

    The clash competition has ended.

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  • I have the same problem, too, Prince. Only I did play three games a couple of hours ago. I was coming back for the last two before the day's end as you described above, but it was gone. I cry foul. Give us the full day to finish. (Of course, it's too late for this game this year, but please keep it in mind for next year.)

  • This is unbelievable and very disrespectful..i played a month for nothing...what will be the logic to cut short the time to play the games on last day? and most important...where and when have we been anounced of this "briliant" ideea?...

  • Same, I was expecting to still be able to play my last 5 games earlier today. This makes no sense, there was nothing reported about it ending sooner or different from the clock shown!

    How can this challenge be ended all of a sudden without telling anyone when it will be ended?

    Ridiculousness again, meh....

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  • Clash! is back!

    Hello everyone,

    Schedule & rules

    • You may only participate in Rail Nation: Clash! with one Rail Nation account.
    • You can play 5 ranked matches per day
    • 30.8. – 5.9.: Training à No points for the ranking yet
    • 6.9. – 14.9.: Preliminary round (Basic points à 1st 6 points, 2nd 4 points, 3rd 2 points)
    • 15.9. – 21.9.: Doubled Points à 12, 8, 4
    • 22.9. – 27.9.: Tripled Points à 18, 12, 6
    • 28.9. – 1.10.: Quadrupled Points à 24, 16, 8
    • 2.10. – 3.10.: Five-fold Points à 30, 20, 10

    Clash finished 03.10. at midnight UTC+2 so 3rd of October was the last day. Once the day switched to 4th, Clash! was over.

  • Can't find the rankings anymore though, to see where the miserable me ended up :P lol

  • The thing is, every other day was played UTC time, not UTC+2 time. Why change that for the last day ? That's why people are complaining (and I understand them, I would be pissed if it happened to me, luckily I got home at 10pm and not at 1am).

    Olympic Earl I hope they will show the rankings for a while, once they have removed the cheaters.

  • This is your explanation? seriously? so much disrespect ...it doesn't make any sense to cut short the time on last day..i wasted my time...

  • We are sorry for not communicating clearly when the Clash! ended (which timezone) and will be sure to announce precise times an dates in the future.

    This time, it is not possible to turn back time and restart the last two hours ?(