Last app update

  • Guys, common.

    Why do we have to download each time more than 100mb when we want to play via app on our Phones? It is impossible to do it without WiFi connection on the long term. I hope you will do sth with this as for now it is impossible to play :| Doing Such moves in a Day of final stage at Origin...

  • Its a bloody joke,OJ has been finished for how long ? yet gold and plus acc still hasn't been transferred(+acc I have 800 days of) but they class that as a resolved issue.FUCKING JOKE OF A COMPANY.Ban me as dont care anymore

  • Since I downloaded the last update of the app it is impossible to enter the game. I've tried everything, uninstall and reinstall, restart the phone ...

  • Hey

    Seems like Google put up the right RN App this time - U need to delete the app and reinstall - the white screen will be there for 1 min - and then U will get in ( but very slow)

    But when U try type in your password there is no keyboard !!!!!

    Cheers Rype

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  • hola gente tengo un problema con la ultima actualizacion 1.4.31 cuando la descargue en el movil " tengo un Huawey GW con 2 gb de ram" la primera vez abre bien pero luego ya no abre mas , tengo que desinstalarla y volver a bajarla para que abrá debuelta , alguno tiene alguna solucion ????

  • This morning, when I tryied to connect via app to my server, I received a message to upgrade the app. After this, only white screen (but the Travian game logo). The solutions proposed by the support were unusefull. then deleted and reinstalled the app (download 388 mb): after the first opening, nothing happened, but the app was only 99 mb and the next opening blocked on white screen.

    i reinstalled and upgraded android operative system (up to version 9 - with a RAM 3 GB, and a 4G stable connection with all data downloads avalaible).

    At this point, and reading your posts, i think the problem is in the app and not in my smartphone.

    I hope in a quick solution, during 6th era and near the final stage: without app I can't play as I like and without chances to be competitive.

    Estest it201 Colosseo

  • After three downloads the app is finally working for me, but it took between 5-10 minutes to get past the splash screen.

    Be careful you may using your, every time you open the app it download 300Mb just to get in the screen where you select the servers you're playing.

  • Travian and Bright Future just don't care about us, I'm sure they know what's going on with but they prefer keep working on Masters 2 and Clash than fix this problem and then they say this lies to their support teams around the world to tell us, the people that answer us here some times receive our "bad" reactions but it's not there fault. And I really hope that you send this directly Travian HQ....