Origin gold transfer

  • Hello, when will we be able to collect the gold from origin on normal servers?

    Hi, there's a discussion going here: Transfer Gold from origin server

    And I'll copy/paste my last comment:

    'The RN team knows you are waiting for the Gold and Plus Account, and while I'm unable to give a date or time yet - all Gold and +A can be collected in the end. Once there's more information, I will let you know. Apologies for the wait.'

  • We are working on getting the gold transferred as soon as possible. Promoting Masters 2 events will not affect the OJ Gold in any way, I promise.

    Sorry, Samisu, I admire you as the one with the backbone to tell us, I appreciate your will to get some information, I appreciate that you even give your word ... you are one of the best CMs I have seen (and I even trained some mods and admins).

    However ... the team now has had 2 (two, zwei, diu, dia, deux, nk'bukto) complete workdays to answer your request for an ETA.

    I made my first program back in 1971, so after 48 years of IT jobs, I cannot understand that the Cologne team of 50 programmers, developers, IT managers, database admins and server technicians is not able to give you a calculation or an estimation at least, how long it will take to create this comparatively little script to transfer the two numbers they have alrady shown us at the end of EG to the gold exchange server.

    There might be an explanation. I am sure, there IS an explanation.

    But if they don't tell, they are drawing a picture of their skills that they do not deserve, no matter what we read about bugs and apps updates. .

    And in the other part of that picture they show us, how much they value their customers and the time they demand for waiting for a little piece of information. The more they wait to tell, the worse will be the picture they draw in the heads of their customers ... in our heads.

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