Flash Player Google Chrome Trap

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  • Hi Guys, If you recently have been viewing a Google Chrome conduit message stating "Flash Player will be no longer supported after december 2020. TURN OFF"

    well dont get caught like I and others in my association thinking this turns off the Conduit message.

    The active "Turn off" button does NOT turn off the conduit message, it turns off the permission for Chrome to enable Flash. When you Login to RN no flash.

    To fix it go to and click on the 3 vertical dots Top right Chrome browser. then Settings/Advanced Settings/Privacy and Security/Site Settings. when you get to here scroll down to Flash, click on same then you will see a switch "Ask First" (this slide switch is what you turned off from the Conduit message.) Turn the switch back on.

    Then close Google Chrome Browser and reopen, away you go problem solved. :D