Communication system

  • Dear players,

    it’s an open secret that we are working on a map (including changed gameplay). It’s a bit too early to share all details or a timeline, nothing is set in stone, but we can already tell you that cooperation will most likely be a big focus for this map. In simple terms, not just cities and associations have to work together, but the entire server.

    This doesn’t only change the goal of the game and the gameplay in general, but also creates a new challenge: Server wide communication & strategy.

    While it’s of course possible and fun to play this map with everyone just doing their own thing and maybe at least associations following a certain strategy, it would be even better if players on a server would be able to communicate a specific strategy effectively. Of course we do have a chat and a forum, but if an entire server gets involved in one chat to discuss a common strategy, things might get a bit messy.

    We already have a few solutions in mind, but aren’t really perfectly happy with any of them, mostly because we are not 100% sure what a perfect solution would look like for you. That’s why we are asking you: How would you solve or reduce this problem? What would work? What wouldn’t? Why?

    A few additional questions you could think about:

    • Should the strategy be defined by a certain group of people?
    • How are those people selected?
    • Should there be votes?
    • Would association leaders be an option to form this group of people?
    • What would be a good way to encourage (not force!) players to follow the decision (for example to level a certain city) of this certain group?
    • What if someone in that group doesn’t do his job?

    So please share and discuss your ideas > here <, we would love to hear your thoughts.

    Your Rail Nation Team.

  • Hi Samisu,

    Since this is a game where players come to have fun, it is NOT good for its strategy to be realized by a certain group of players. That group of players may have certain interests that cannot be controlled by the other players.

    The game should be free of votes, politics, and also.

    Have a nice evening!

    Respectful :)

  • Offensive measures; enable players to damage trains of people who wreck things for others.

    Enable Associations to add WT to specific players in their majority industries, NOT a %, an actual hurting amount of time, 60-600 seconds.

    Change the rival-asso function as well, add an actual time, not a %. Enable to chose up 10 rival associations or unlimited.

    I made a longer reply about this in a thread where i think it was you asking about "risktaking" in the game or something.

    People who organise already use slacks, discords etc to communicate with people they like and shut out the bottomfeeders they don't like.

    Now excuse me, I've got a train line to run!