Let's discuss the Communication system

  • Just my quick 2 cents to get the discussion going.

    Over the years, I've seen the topic come and go. A new and better communication system, how would it look like, what do we all need when the in-game chat or forum isn't enough. Some use Discord or Slack, or Skype - all nice options. How to handle server wide communication and strategy? What communication tools could RN offer you?

    This is a great chance to bring all those ideas to the table and help shape the future communication system of the game. Better not miss the chance - be sure to read the original announcement and invite your friends from your associations to participate here!

  • So I see 3 solutions:

    1. Everything stays as it is.

    And each group finds the best solution for it

    I play on several servers and use all of them (Discord, Slack and Skype)

    It's not comfortable to use - but it works.

    2.The game is moving to a new communication platform.

    Connect forum in the game with Discord or Slack.

    So that each player can monitor the communication in the game from such an application.

    The problem I see is that none of these platforms are fully fit for this purpose.

    3. A completely new communication system from Travian.

    Something like a Discord or Slack.

    But designed to best serve the players.

    1 place to keep track of your messages from all your games.

    And not just the games of the group.

    General purpose platform. Open to all.

    If done well it can become a good source of additional income.

    But it takes a LOT of time and a LOT of work.

    And The players may not like it.

    It will be difficult to have another place of communication to watch.

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  • Hi Samisu,

    Since this is a game where players come to have fun, it is NOT good for its strategy to be realized by a certain group of players. That group of players may have certain interests that cannot be controlled by the other players.

    The game should be free of votes, politics, and also.

    Have a nice evening!

    Respectful :)

  • to give the decision to a certain group of people will only promote multi accounting even more.


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  • Hey Samisu

    As U know we always use Slack, i would like an ingame system like Slack, where all information pup up in a new window/app - where U can write in realtime incl emoji and real type writing (special where U can see another person is about to write something) - like in Slack where U can set Slack to translate automatic, where U can send buzz to people or your asso - U can make different room/channels for different people (Chair only to do that or maybe deputy), where U can see message in an app without open the game.

    • 1) Should the strategy be defined by a certain group of people?
    • 2) How are those people selected?
    • 3) Should there be votes?
    • 4) Would association leaders be an option to form this group of people?
    • 5) What would be a good way to encourage (not force!) players to follow the decision (for example to level a certain city) of this certain group?
    • 6) What if someone in that group doesn’t do his job?

    1) No - i guess U mean players in the game - will make the game good for very few and strong asso and bad for rest.

    2) If U mean a board of players then it must be all about votes - but again the strong asso will win all votes and many player will loose, so no - what about a random strategy where every game hold 10 different strategy - one focus on LM + 10 % on money - one same for Cit - one + 20 % on harbor (to develop this great feature - but need some twist) one for WH - one asso develop - one for money run and so on, so game change every 24 h to a new focus point but random, will force the big asso to change tactic - and the small player who is active can benefit.

    3) Yes - but we need to rethink the system vote, a president may need majority of votes but also the majority of asso vote (one vote from every asso in the region - here he/she will need 50 % of asso vote also) to get elected, will help small asso to get involved and heard by big asso to get there vote.

    4) No

    5) U can not lead people who do not want to be lead !!! so diplomay diplomay and diplomay that make the game good, U need players to f... it U to wake the big player to focus on small players need, but of course we need to take out trolls ( how - hmm your problem RN)

    6) U mean asso or region ? - asso Chair got the power to dismiss him/her no prob - on region LvL U might introduce a system like : one warning from president (10 % extra WT on RG in region) - 2 warnings (minimum 48 h between these two) 20 % delay - Red card ( need president and 50 % of the player in a region vote for tha)t 90 % WT for one day and then all over again.

    Cheers Rype

    Cheers Rype

  • here are some of my ideas that popped up.

    *there should be a solution in game to have group conversations with people who you specifcly invite to the group. beyond, assos, cities, regions.

    *if Cooperation is needed that means there should be some kind of push notifications.

    *also there should be plenty of possibilities for people who aren't such active players as the die hards.

    *some changes to the sitter options. (Less inactive time before it becomes possible to sit.)

    * more user levels inside an association. so good work can create promotion, bad work demotion.

    *the posibilities to pin or sticky posts inside the game forum.

    * get rid off things like trainspotters, and all other game slowing down things the are some kind of bonus but have nothing to do with the game its self.

    * make it only accesable after carreer level 5 or maybe 10 so you keep it clean from the ones who just create an avatar to see what the game is like.

  • If there's supposed to be a "Scenario Leadership" like a government for the entire map, that government should be able to put decisions up for a vote, otherwise EVERYONE else will feel that the government are just bullies.

    It doesn't work like that on SoE, but the cabinet doesn't have all that much power, and their decisions only affect 5 cities. On a new map they will decide for the entire map


  • Thank you for all the feedback and ideas so far!

    Please keep in mind this is just the idea stage, those questions are here to (hopefully) help you tell what works and what doesn't.

    What would make the communication system feel even more like you are a part of a group, strengthen the social aspects of the game - while also giving room for free haulers (not forcing anyone to follow the decisions of few).

    I see this as a way to upgrade how we communicate in the game as players, associations and cities. Ways to make communication easier, planning easier and sharing strategies easier. A good communication system can be rewarding in itself, but it could also include incentives for more team work - whatever those might be. This is not about giving power to limit playing or punishing those who do not follow a "grand" strategy.

  • for the groups of people deciding the strategy :

    there will always be "leaders", people that tryhard the game and will find the best way to play it (a few players), and "followers" (90% of the players) that want to play the game, but not invest 5hours / day to find the best way to level the city / anything else that travian throws at us in this new scenario.

    But we don't need any special voting mechanisms for that to take place. Even on classic scenarios, the leaders come up.

    But if decisions need to be taken at a city scale, like in SoE, I personally think that a "control of the city" mechanism, similar to USA, but with associations rather than blue vs red, could be implemented and better reflect the true composition of players in the city.

    The votes would basically be the amount of tons each players contributes to the city. So that only the main contributors to a city gain "voting-power". If someone wants to create 30 accounts to get voted into power, those accounts will at least contribute to the city (and will be easier to ban, because they will have to stay and play, not connect for 1 sec every 3 days).

    We could think of very complex mechanisms, just like real politics (2 associations deciding to ally themselves, with the total tons of both counting together).

    You could also limit the impact of one player to only his home-city for the delivery "votes". Restrain the home-city change (only once a day for example). etc.

    I will be happy to explain this into more details if you want :)

  • I have returned to the game after a long time and possibly the most disappointing thing is the communication. This includes the chat, messaging and internal forums. These are my thoughts.

    1)There is no use from Travian’s side to work on this project if no one is going to use it as intended.

    2) The chat is basically dead. However it is better to see a chat where the quality is greater than the quantity.

    3) Chat systems should be made as simple as possible.

    4) Have a simple group chat system where players who accept invitations can chat. There should be a mass select and a player search function within the system.

    5) The person forming the group can disband it or if there is no activity in it for one week then it automatically gets deleted.

    6) Any chat system should work seamlessly across all platforms.

    7) Are these chat rooms going to be monitored by Travian or volunteers? The last thing that should happen is people using these rooms to radicalise or groom people.

  • Thank you for the feedback and ideas!

    To 7: We are monitoring the public (world/game world) chat and forum, but not any private discussions, association forums/chats or 'rooms'. If someone breaks the rules, we rely on the players to report it where we can't actively moderate.

  • I play mostly on US servers and I am happy with the communication system there.

    Well, "happy" is not the right word since I agree with many of the points above about how chat could be improved. Particularly the suggestion that players should be able to create private groups (e.g. someone might want to create a group for all the corp leaders in a city). But I don't expect the chat system to be awesome - yes, communication is a big part of the game, but a rudimentary system satisfies most of my needs. In the rare cases that I want a more efficient system (e.g. communication between corp leaders), I can use other (free) apps such as Discord or Skype that are specifically made for communication. Travian's job is to make Rail Nation as fun as possible, and I believe that the utility of an improved chat system is limited.

    Travian engineers, please do not waste your time improving the chat system. No offense but however much you try, I will always like Skype or Discord better. Instead, what I would appreciate more is PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS. When I reassign schedule for my train the lag time varies wildly, which makes it difficult to do competitions even with a Plus account. When I am collecting bonuses or switching between stations, sometimes the game freezes up or lags for 5-10 seconds (it's just a train station picture, not even any animations - why is it loading so slowly?). In short, I wish Travian to spend more time focusing on performance instead of chat system. That's just my two cents and anyone can feel free to agree or disagree.