Update on Android issues

  • Hello everyone,

    As mentioned yesterday, Google has now approved our Update and it is now possible to access the game via Android again.

    Some of you may experience trouble with the mobile keyboard. This is caused by the new Software Development Kit version for Android 9. In the following days, we will therefore switch back to the previous version until a fix is available, so you can use the keyboard again. In the meantime, you can use a workaround by typing the text elsewhere and copy/pasting it into the app.

    Also, we are glad to announce that the problem with the purchase of the Super Start Package on the closing DE and RU servers is now fixed. You can now buy the SSP again on the closing servers, which then will be transferred on DE4 or RU3 when the next round starts.

    NOTE: Please refrain from purchasing the SSP on both servers as the gold cannot be restored afterwards.

    ALL players on RU3 and DE4 will receive 14 vouchers for upgrading the headquarters when the next round starts

    Once again, we apologize for the inconveniences. Our team is currently reviewing the problems of the previous days and we will keep you updated about all further steps next week.

    Your Rail Nation team