Can RN create a way to rival individual players

  • Would it not be a good idea to enable the chair to rival certain players rather than the whole assc, some Assc have rouge players that the assc chair is reluctant to let go or players with no assc invest without regard, if we could rival an individual player it may stop this silliness

  • what if an association has more rogue players as one? Now you can set 1 asso as rival and friendly.

    If it will be changed to player level the possiblity should be more players as one to set as rival or friendly.

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  • maybe have an option for the mayor of cities to close stations to rogue players to force them to haul the RG needed instead of hauling what they want.

    making them rivals doesnt really do anything. If anything it causes more trouble than it solves. IE if u set them rivals they will just take majorites in all the industries which wil cause probs for everyone else.

    Got 1 on 1 of the servers i play on. 1 player asso who keeps stealing majorites of the big asso. making them rivals wont solve that problem as it will just cause WT to go up and cost players money having to keep investing to get majorites back meaning they wont have the money to build tracks buy wagons and upgrade their stations as fast.

    We need another way to deal with rouge players that wont hurt the good players who play for the city.

  • As it stands, there are no measures in place to "punish" an individual for their actions against the greater good in this game. If I claim that someone is being "a little dim-witted", I get the chatting for me. Inversely, it's okay for that person to exist only to cause hate and discontent. Breaking majorities, hauling against the call, etc. Those actions are far more infuriating than petty words. And yet...