flash player info

  • hi all, yesterday morning (friday aug 16 2019), there is this game I play called Family Farm on facebook, and like rail nation always had to activate flash manually, but yesterday morning they created an ext for chrome and I don't need to manually activate flash anymore so maybe I can be a possibility for rail nation too, I normally play 12-15 gameworlds so yes it is becoming bothersome to activate manually......

  • I cannot get this game to work now for months, I used to really like it, but something happened and it has never worked since. This is the only game I cannot get to work now. I have build a new computer and it still won't work.I can play HTML5 games with no problem.

  • i just had an update on chrome, and now I can't see my screens on RN. I even reset chromebook to factory settings, but still same issue, screen is black with few random bits and bobs showing, anyone got similar issues, or know how to fix? I not good with tech stuff.