City consumption

  • Hi.

    How does city consumption work? I know the consume gets higher if more people connect, but does it get lower if fewer have the city as home city?


    1. 50 ppl are connected to city, all has set the city as home city.

    2. All of the 50 set home city to an other city

    Does 2 make consumption lower?

  • I haven't ever really looked at it. But the link you gave is gold !

    Someone with some time to spare and some basic knowledge in maths / logic might reverse-engineer it with all the information given. Probably not exactly, but at least a good approximation.

    Would take a while to get enough data in-game though^^

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  • sacroima I'm going to give it a shot. I'll post the results here if/when I ever finish them. You're right, it is a bit time consuming. The big idea is to take a screenshot of a city's RGs immediately before and after consumption so that the only factor affecting the consumption rates is the base consumption. Then you can calculate the ratios based on the known values.

    An interesting discovery so far: all of the ratios seem to be EXTREMELY close to xx.xx% (i.e. only two decimal places). This suggests that RN might be rounding the consumption rates to two decimal places, which was not mentioned in the blog. It might just be a coincidence, but I will know for sure after I finish collecting the data.

  • Smallfoot some things you might maybe use.

    RN seems to be calibrated for 100 players (the landmark basis is 100 players, from which everything is factored). So it could be the same for the city consumption (100 players = *1 for consumption, and 49 players = *0.7 for example).

    For the landmark : 25 players = 0.5 of 100 players. 16 players = 0.4. 36 players = 0.6. I think you can get everything from that. (sqr of number of players / 10 = factor to multiply base tons).

    If you manage to verify this is true for the cities as well, then you might eliminate one unknown which might facilitate your job a lot !

    Sadly, I don't have the time to perform the task myself these days :(

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