Thanks to Hear Me Roar

  • Some might not have noticed those great, amazing, outstanding threads with pictures of RN but also photos and videos about the RN machines and their originals in real life. Together with background information and documents.

    We can find those threads in the "Station Concourse" ("Bahnhofshalle"), where many do not read ... but all of these still groing collections are worth a visit ... more than only one visit.

    HMR, your posts did already enjoy me a lot. Thoughtful, creative, great ideas and comments ... now it's time to appreciate your collections, which will be a source of joy for all players, who are here because they are railroad enthusiasts ... and love good pictures and graphics.

    Long ago there was a German forum user, who brought to us lots of photos and background information about the machines ... but, sadly, he is gone from the forum, though still playing.

    It's great to have you now, HMR and your nicely organized threads about everything about the RN machine.

    Thank you.

    Drei Gruppen sagen immer die Wahrheit:

    1. Kinder 2. Betrunkene 3. Jeder, der verdammt noch mal stinksauer ist.