Gold leftover

  • Hi,

    I just won a ton of gold on a server that is nearly finished, what happens when the game is done?

    Do I get to keep the gold, or do I loose it because I won it?

    When I look under transfer it says I can only transfer 1 gold...

  • You can only manually transfer purchased gold to another server on the same domain.
    But all won gold will be transferred automatically to the next round of the same server you are on.

  • crap i figured it out, i will loose it..

    what a bs to give me this gold in era 6 !!!!

    got 4 days to spend 9,200 gold.. what a wind up

    you have 2 options :

    1/ you want to play another server. You should buy + account with the gold (+ account is transferable)

    2/ you will restart the same server. Don't worry. In this case, you will keep any gold leftover. Even if you cannot transfer it.

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

  • How do I get my gold and left over days in my plus account from my previous game

    Hi Eddie steady (nice nick)

    This is pretty simple. The Gold and plus will transfer automatically to the next round of the same server where you played and the endgame finished. Those will be waiting for you there (usually restarts in a week or two)