How do I begin playing? Must I have ADOBE fLASH FOR $10 OR SO PER MONTH or is there a free option?

  • How do I begin playing? Must I have ADOBE fLASH FOR $10 OR SO PER MONTH or is there a free option? Tryingto get started in the game but not yet able to do so

    Welcome to Rail Nation!

    Flash Player is free, and we are moving to HTML5 as we speak.

    You need to download and allow the Flash player if you wish to play, or wait a month or two until we start only Flash-free game servers.

  • Many browser on a PC still support Flash, so I'm guessing you may be trying to play from a browser on a phone or tablet?

    I used to be able to use Puffin browser which supported Flash on Android devices, but an update a few months ago (not sure whether the problem was a Puffin, Flash or RN update), meant issues with the display which rendered it unusable.

    Since then I have been using the App on the tablet when I need to. It doesn't work as well as Puffin browser used to work, but at least it does work and supports Flash.

    Hope that helps...

  • This is fully automatic. It actually already happened on a few servers. Usually you won't even notice the difference (except that you don't have to click to allow Flash anymore).
    There is absolutely nothing you have to do or install...with one small exception: In case you are using Edge or Internet Explorer, we recommend you switch to another browser to avoid performance problems. Pretty much every other browser will do the job. Our recommendation is Chrome, but everything else is fine too.

  • Как поменять персонаж с женщины на мужчину?


    How to change character from woman to man?

    You can start a round as a male or female, but can't change the gender or your avatar midway. With each round start, you can choose to play as a male or female character.

    If you have more questions in Russian, please use the Russian forum. Here on the International COM forum we will moderate and post only in English. Thank you ^^