Workers - New Map

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  • Hello everyone,

    As you might have read already in our post about the Communication System, we are working on a new map.

    We would like to give you the chance get actively involved in some aspects of this new map. Today we want to talk about workers. The new map will have new industries, so we would also like to have new workers.

    We already have a few, but maybe you have some awesome ideas we could include. So our question to you is:

    Which historic personalities that are related to the Orient, Arabic Peninsula and Northern Africa could you imagine as workers and why?

    We are looking forward to your suggestions.

    Your Rail Nation team

  • Well I would suggest a different level of worker / increased element

    2 different workers - one for passengers and one for goods that have the following effects:

    1. Eiji Mitooka --> Designer of the Kyushu Sever Star Train, and the winning association gets a passenger train similar to the bonus one of each era for 24 hours but passenger ticket would be 2x the price of the standard ones as a luxury add-on

    2. SATS (this is not a person but South African Transport System - could be someone's name) --> They have operated one of the biggest trains ever (if not the biggest still, longer than 7km). It would give the winning asso one goods train that has a capacity twice of that of the best train of the era - e.g. the olympus - but with a smaller speed (heavy trains can't go with 200km)

    Once the effect is over, trains will arrive to the last city and disappear. This way winning asso can make some nice money, increase hauling and make it fly.

  • Sorry but can't think of any actual names, but at least for workers:

    One that makes acceleration better on all trains in the association. (Could even exceed 20 in acceleration.)

    One that symbols Orient Express, giving heavy income for pax trains.