Master of Knowledge

  • Dear challengers,

    The second Masters Community Challenge is about to begin.

    In this event, we're looking for players with an exceptional knowledge of Rail Nation.

    The best of the best from all the clever challengers are invited to show their wits in a duel of questions until only the winner, the Master of Knowledge remains.

    Event description:

    • This challenge is a one-time event that will take place on Saturday, 21 September 2019, at 7:00 PM GMT+2, on the Discord channel created especially for this event.
    • To sign up for this challenge, simply click on the link and join the Discord channel with your RN name. Registrations are possible until Friday, 20 September 2019, at 7:00 PM GMT+2. Afterwards, it will no longer be possible to join.
    • On Saturday at 7:00 PM GMT+2, the Quiz Master will open the chat so participants can write. The Quiz Master will explain the rules before starting with the qualification round.

    Qualification round:

    • The Quiz Master will ask ten easy Rail Nation questions, one by one. The challengers will have about five seconds to reply to a question before the next question is posted.
      • For each question, the challenger who posts the first correct answer will earn three points.
      • The next four fastest challengers to post the correct answer will pick up two points.
      • The next 15 fastest challengers with the correct answer will get one point.
      • All answers must not contain any typos to be valid.
    • Each challenger can submit one reply only. Further replies will not be considered
    • Correcting/editing the reply is not allowed. Edited replies will become invalid
    • Once all ten questions have been asked, there will be a short break while the RN team counts the points.
    • The top 10 players will proceed to the knockout rounds.


    • The top 10 players will be marked as finalists. All other players will be muted, but are allowed to stay and watch.
    • The Quiz Master will ask 30 questions. Every 6 questions, the level of difficulty will rise.
    • During the 1st level of difficulty, the first person to write the correct answer to a question wins 1 point. After 6 questions, we will get to the 2nd level of difficulty and the winners will get 2 points. And so on, until the 5th level of difficulty.
    • Keep in mind that in some cases, you may not know the answer and will have to investigate faster than your opponent in order to win. It is also highly recommended to have Rail Nation open while you participate in the tournament.


    • The player with the highest score will be rewarded with:
      • The forum title “Master of Knowledge” until the end of the Masters period.
      • Choose one: Up to 3 workers of your choice for your association OR 1000 Gold
      • If the winner chooses the workers, he/she will have a maximum of three days to inform the Community Manager about which three workers he/she wants to have, and they will agree on the date the workers will be added (within the next 3 days)
      • All three workers will be activated at the same time on the agreed day, somewhere between 15:00 and 20:00 GMT+2
      • If there are less than three slots available, you'll only get as many workers as the free slots you have.


    • Spelling matters! If your answer has more than one spelling mistake it will be invalid. It is allowed to write all answers in lower-case letters though.
    • Abbreviations are not allowed except for scenarios (Steam Over Europe = SoE; USA = USA; Origin Journey = OJ), everything else must be written out completely.
    • In this type of event, it's important for all involved to maintain a proper overview. For this reason, the RN team asks you to cooperate and follow the rules. The RN team may remove any participant who tries to cheat or disturbs others (such as by spamming/flooding the channel, etc.).
    • The Quiz Master's decisions are final and may not be discussed.
    • All questions will be asked in English.

  • It's discrimination against people who don't speak English. Especially good conditions of competition that the answer should be given in 5 seconds and without mistakes.

    Write down at once that this contest is for native English speakers only. )

  • Well, yes, you can feel discriminated, because you're not able to speak English like a native speaker.

    But on the other hand, maybe you can start to learn...and maybe you'll not be a part of this round, but maybe part of the next, and the next, instead of blaming around, how discriminated you feel and be never part of it?

    Well, it is, what it is. English is the most spoken language of the whole world. And if I, or you or who ever wants to be part of something, what is international, you'll be confrontated with English. It's not so long ago, that I felt very sad about my really rocky English...but I started to train it. I wrote in English in forums like this, instead of German. I used Google translater, to see, what will the translation be. I asked friends about my grammar. I started to speak English at work, every chance I had to do it. Did I do mistakes ? Oh boy, yes, I did and I still do. But it's going to be better and better every week.

  • Well, of course, if you lose 99% of the contest to a native speaker because you're just going to give answers more slowly or with mistakes, then you just need to be comforted by the fact that at least you'll tighten your English.

    You are a convenient person)

  • It's discrimination against people who don't speak English. Especially good conditions of competition that the answer should be given in 5 seconds and without mistakes.

    Write down at once that this contest is for native English speakers only. )

    This 5 second rule affects only the first part of the event, and since the answers have to be typed within 5 seconds, you will know most of the answers. Language should not become an issue, and there's room for a typo.

    In the second part, there is no time limit and it is suggested that you have the game open then. You could even pick the English language for the game if it helps. Or why not find friends to help if you reach the final.

    And hey, there will be 2 more events after this one ;-)