Ads on iOS App

  • The ads on the iOS app whether on the iphone or ipad does not work all the time. Sometimes I get a message on the app saying that there are no more ads available but the ads are available on the browser version.

    The second ad is extremely unreliable on the app. An ad from Sun Bingo keeps coming and repeating but I do not get any rewards.

  • Good Morning Raidon ,

    thanks for you report! However, the videos on mobile come from a different "pool" than the ones in the browser, so it's entirely possible that the "mobile pool" is empty while the browser one is not.

    Regarding the problems with the Sun Bingo video: We're already working on getting that fixed. Thanks for letting us know regardless!

    Kind Regards,


  • I see it is still not working... Still "no available adds"

    I can't believe that only in Train Nations there are no adds in iOS application for over a week of trying. In all other games there are plenty of adds to play. Is there any plan to solve it? It is quite anoying to need to start web game version to be able to get those bonuses...