• The Museum is an element of the game that is wasted.

    Its only current utility is to exchange trains.

    Therefore, I consider that certain modifications could be implemented, such as:

    1. Convert into a Building, with presence in the Player Station.

    The objective of this building is still the same: Save trains that we do not want to use.

    But now, because it is a building, it must have levels. The maximum level of the Museum will depend on half of the sum of the 3 Buildings that will be Bonus: Restaurant, Shopping Center and Hotel. Thus, the maximum level that can be reached in the Museum will be 48. The one that depends on the level of other buildings, alters the game dynamics forcing the player to develop these three buildings as well. Thus, the Museum will become a Building with more importance even than the Engine House.

    In addition and this is important: It is limited to 8 levels per Era.

    Likewise, the level of the Museum determines the amount of trains that can be housed in it (Regardless to the number of trains in service, which determines the Engine House). This amount of trains that the Museum can accommodate could be determined by:

    (100% + (nEra * 10)) * (lvlMuseum +1)

    Thus, for example for Era 1, with Museum level 4, the total of Trains that can be stored in the Museum destined to:

    (100% + (1 * 10)) * (4 +1) = (100% + 10) * (5) = 110% * 5 = 5.5.

    In this case, so that the player can save one more train in the Museum, this building may rise +1 level.

    As an example, I provide the progression, for Era 1 and next, for Era 6:

    Museum Level Total Engines
    1 2,2 = 2
    2 3,3 = 3
    3 4,4 = 4
    4 5,5 = 6
    5 6,6 = 7
    6 7,7 = 8
    7 8,8 = 9
    8 9,9 = 10
    Museum Level Total Engines
    41 67,2 = 67
    42 68,8 = 69
    43 70,4 = 70
    44 72 = 72
    45 73,6 = 74
    46 75,2 = 75
    47 76,8 = 77
    48 78,4 = 78

    In total 78 Trains with this formula would be housed.

    Of course, improving the Museum implies a cost and a prize in Prestige Points, like any Building.

    Using the Museum as a Building energizes several things:

    - There is more to invest in money, slightly altering the simple dynamics of the current Museum.

    - More Prestige Points are generated.

    - The amount of money that the player can hold is much more limited.

    2. Museum fixed in a city: That the museum is always fixed in a single city, of course where what happened was built. Thus, the dynamics of Reactivating a train of the Museum are altered and that "dynamically" in another city different from the Base city of the player. That is, if I have the Museum in city X and I want to reactivate my trains, it will be in that city that I start. The magic not even with gold ;)

    Although if administrators prefer to leave that dummy variable, then it costs gold (additional to "Instant Reactivation").

    Perhaps for an experienced player this does not cause too much inconvenience... but it does give a little more difficulty to those who usually exchange trains for competitions and jump from city to city. If in all ways the option of appearing in another city be kept, it should costs gold at a rate of 5 per train, I say. So who wants to jump from one city to another and also not wait 10 minutes, need to pay 8 gold for each train.

    1 + 2: It would be much more interesting combining the two proposals: That the Museum be Building and be built in a specific city.

  • Yes I think its a wasted space. I like the idea of a museum and we could keep a collection of engines . Get points for the standard of the collection. On view for association members too see or anyone who is looking at your Station. Even if its just career points.

  • When reading KezLine, it occurs to me that the idea of a Museum is that it is a building to visit, thus, it should generate a bonus or Medal for accumulating visits to the Museum of friends and members of the Association.

    Therefore, when visiting the Museum of another player, you can see the profile of the player, both the accumulated of all Rounds / Servers and the current performance.

    It would even be great if it could be decorated or configured, just like there are train series, that there are Museum Styles.

  • Hi, the wish has been forwarded (well a light version of it with a link to this thread)

    It does sound pretty nice if the Museum would work like gathering a book of postmarks. Gather one of each engine and skin to complete the "book". Rewards for completing an era could be a medal and some points to career quests like suggested here.

    And since people would be visiting the museum, it could even give an income bonus or prestige bonus depending on how many engines/skins you have collected - like hotel and shopping center works now.

    Just playing with the idea :engine1::)

  • And now I have a reply for you, but no promises yet.

    The idea of creating a "real" Museum has been on the table and there are different ideas the Rail Nation team already has.

    That's not much of a news yet, but... we are open for (more) ideas and wishes in this thread.

    Let's keep playing with the idea of a Museum, even if at this point we can't make any promises.

    If you got to decide, what sort of Museum would you have on your station concourse?

  • It would be better to have several exhibition halls instead of only various types of museums. These rooms can be used for one or another exhibition (permanent throughout the Round).

    At the beginning, each player has the Museum on level 1, so we have only one room (showroom). That room will be used throughout the Round explicitly to the train hangar (in case it is in the Museum where the unused trains will continue to be housed, although it would be better to have a Hangar inside the 'Engine House').

    For every 5 levels of the Museum, an additional Exhibition Hall will be available.

    Ideas about possible exhibition hall:

    Hall 1. Train collection. A kind of photographic album of trains that everyone wants to collect. The dynamic to add a new train to the album would simply consist of having at least one such train in the Museum / Hangar. You can only add a new photo if you change the skins of the same train. When you have photos of all the skins of all the trains of an Era (only those that are investigated in the Laboratory, without the special ones), you win a medal (1 per Era). Upon completing all 6 medals in the same round (one photo for each skin of all trains), you will earn an additional medal. In each round, it restarts.

    Hall 2. Table of records: A place to publish our records. Each record will be an image that each user wishes to add in which a new record is reported. The records can be: for each round, for this server or global. The system can help create a standard tab, (maybe customizable in some details), in which records are registered.

    Hall 3. Historical development of the game: In this room the player can combine an exhibition that the system already provides, in which you can appreciate the historical development of the game. In addition, the user can complement the exhibition with his own historical development: servers and rounds played, positions, career points, diamonds, global score, etc. It remains round after round and on each server.

    Hall 4. Museum Café: Guest comments and own contributions room. In this room, the visit of friends or members of the association can be reflected. You can also create content related to the game or the trains: a screenshot of the game or, for example, a didactic activity that the user wants to provide (puzzle, riddle, joke, word puzzle challenge, maze, curious facts .. about trains and/or RN).

    ¡We need more showrooms ideas!