Clash isn't scoring correctly.

  • I have played clash 5 games every day except one. It says that I have only played 18 games. Because the score wasn't showing at first I kept up with my winnings and losses to see if it fixed correctly. I played from the 1st through the 5th. I haven't played today yet. That should be a total of 25 games. I won a total of 14 games. Came in second 6 times and last 5 times.Can this please be fixed?

  • However, one cool thing about that would be to have the training days not count towards the total number of games.

    Right now, when we face someone with let's say 12 points, we don't know if he played 2 games or 4 already today.

    If the average number of points per game was displayed correctly (not counting the days where you couldn't score), it would be much more representative :)

    (yes, I target one opponent over the other usually^^)

  • Oh, I'm sorry. I thought it started on the 30th. But how then is it possible for some players to have lots of points on the scoreboard and also how do they have 40 games already when the limit is 5 per day if it just started today?

  • The calculation for the average points scored is still incorrect. It is counting the practice days in which you could not score any points. Therefore, the entire ranking or comparision of average scores is useless. Please fix it.

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    actually I agree to some extent. Not about the paying issue though.

    But yeah the "best" clash player isn't really a thing. I've played once or twice against top50 people in the ranking (I'm top ten right now), and the thing I've realised is :

    "just avoid any top 100 players, they all play good enough that the goods define the winner, not your skill". While you could probably beat other "great" players 6 times out of ten, because you are slightly better, in the long run you just lose too much, compared to the great players that face "newbie players".

    So I just leave the lobby when I'm matched to an opponent of equal skill. And wait for people with 20-40 points to show up. I've tried to play against great opponents. It's just maddening when however good you play, you can't avoid finishing 3rd. And those points are too precious for the top10.

  • sacroima And how can I avoid this top 100 if I am in another time zone of the Earth, eh? Yesterday I was in the top 20, and by the end of my hourly time I became the top 700 ...

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  • You should just play your 5 games per day, everyday.

    I'm also going from top10 (when I've played my 5 games) to top 300-400 the day after (because I have 5 games less than the others at that point).

    Your true ranking is at midnight, german time (time of the reset). For you, I suppose it is 1 or 2 in the morning.