And the winner is...!

  • Dear challengers,

    The time has come to announce the Master of Numbers in the Rail Nation community!

    The title Master of Numbers goes to: Sinewy

    Congratulations to all Sinewy, and also to those who made it to the top ranking: Sinewy , Zugi , rx68 , Standouch , von der borch , Tobi P , reini , GrobE , Gutemine MMXVII , AFKмастер , Mme Munchausen , sacroima and WANDERERS

    Special credits and applause for Zugi and rx68 who also made it to the shared 1st place.

    We ask Sinewy , Zugi , rx68 to contact your local community manager in order to receive your prize!

    The others will receive their 200 Gold shortly.


    How is it possible we have a shared first place but only one winner?

    The 1st place is shared by 3 challengers, since all 3 of them got 16 points! We have decided to award the 3 of them with the ingame rewards, but the honorable title Master of Numbers shall go to the best of them all.

    • To determine who shall receive the title, we used 3 criteria:

    This gave the following result

    1. All 3 of them appeared twice in the Top 10
    2. Sinewy predicted question 3 with 100% precision and Zugi predicted question 8 with 100%.
    3. So we had to look at their second prediction. And these are the results:

    Player Bet Result Precision
    Sinewy 96755 98424 98,3%
    Zugi 63901 68182 93,7%

    Here you find an overview of all statistics of all 10 questions.

    The first Community Challenge has come to an end, and three more lie ahead. Come back on Monday to find out what the next challenge will be!