What is your connection to trains/railroads?

  • What is your connection to trains/railroads? 10

    1. I just like trains/railroads (7) 70%
    2. I own or collect a model railroad or model trains (2) 20%
    3. I work in the train/railway industry (1) 10%
    4. I am interested in the train/railroad history (3) 30%
    5. I travel a lot by train (2) 20%
    6. Other (Please tell us more in this thread) (2) 20%

    Hello everyone!

    Did you know that more than one-third of Rail Nation’s players actually have some kind of link to trains or railways or at least are train enthusiasts?

    If you are one of them, this poll is for you. We would love to hear, what is your connection to trains/railroads?

  • In general it is the length and size of the rolling snake ! It's cars of steel thundering across the vast landscapes of every form in every Country on the planet. They are the number one forum of transportation for so many of the raw goods that we use and need for every day use' Then along came Europe and Japan's Bullet Trains transporting passengers at 300 km/h now that is quick and such a marvel of technology.Enough said they are just neat, big, loud, and fast they come rolling by and next thing you know your looking at the back end of a caboose.Kind of like life it just passes you by.