Time for some classics!

  • Dear players,

    We are pleased to present two breath-taking production series!

    01 Series Shinkansen
    the classic production series for the Aten


    We wish to introduce you to the new production series for the Aten of Era 5: the ‘0 Series Shinkansen’. It’s a true masterpiece of Japanese engineering and a real classic of Japanese railway history. It was manufactured between 1963 and 1986 in Japan. At that time, this train reached 220 km/h in regular operation. Nowadays, the maximum operating speed of the newest Shinkansen version is 320 km/h.

    Shinkansen routes are completely separate from conventional railway lines. Consequently, the Shinkansen is not affected by slower local or freight trains.

    The NS20 Camel
    our familiar Hypnos in a spacious variant


    The second new production series is the NS20 ‘Camel’, belonging to the Hypnos of Era 4. It was built as a train for the management of the Dutch railway. Its striking appearance gave this train its curious name. The driver’s cabins are housed in two bumps in the roof, giving the passengers a panoramic view of the track from both the front and rear, while the driver looks over them. The train was soon named the ‘Camel’ for its bumps on the roof. This ageing model was in active service in the Netherlands until June 2019 and is now available to everyone in Rail Nation.

    Do you like them? You’ll receive the Shinkansen for free when you log in to any Rail Nation game world from 25 September 2019.

    The Camel will be available to you from the 28 September 2019. They are both free only until 6 October 2019, so make sure you don’t miss them!

    Your Rail Nation team

  • I love the Shinkansen, mainly because it has blue in. I remember being so excited to get First Class because all I wanted was a Blue Morpheus.

    It's nice to be getting more choices for the trains though!


    Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. <3