RN ending...

  • 1 - I am not one of the players affected by the bug…

    2 - All this text is not directed to the RN volunteers who are moderators in the forum, but to the rest of the team!

    It is with great sadness that I say that Rail Nation is committing suicide!

    Many of us already knew that there were first-rate and second-rate players.

    Differentiating players who had the same problem, and were treated unequally, is the end of the line ...

    I've often seen it said that servers that have been a real disaster for most players are dubbed successful servers; and highly successful servers were not even mentioned because the winning players (players or societies) were not one of privileged nationality within the game. An example of this was Origin Journey, which is said by many players who have been there, it was the most difficult and competitive of recent times. Instead of enjoying success, RN ignored the scenario and didn't even refer to the server (Black Forest).

    In the first Masters, they wanted to know who was the best player on equal terms, but they put a high, nonrecoverable gold rate so that only a few could enter. In Masters 2 they let in a few but turned the server into the “Mastercard Masters”… only those with a good credit card can really compete. Nor do they even allow gold to be transferred from other servers to compel the purchase. As an aggravating factor, they did not want to hear of all the confusion that comes from not having English as a mandatory language.

    Even the change to HTML5 has already been made for some servers, but once again, the "favorites" are the beneficiaries, even knowing that scenarios with HTML5 are already more stable than others.

    Then comes the unrecognized disasters. Rail Nation had already taken winnings from players on event servers, such as the famous winter event, where they did not take responsibility the mistake they made. Instead they penalized players who devoted much of their time to the game. A shame.

    This cleverness sooner or later gives bad result.

    It's a game at a moment's notice: programmers, it seems, are a team of starter programers who have no idea how to solve problems. This is the only reason why bugs older than 2 years have never been fixed.

    That said, it looks like this company doesn't understand that players are its customers… with no players will close servers and shut down. The constant departure and abandonment of players does not seem to bother…

    Hiding behind privacy policy does not justify why some players get rewards and others not, it is neither correct nor honest. Private messages circulate between groups of players in discord and other platforms.

    The problem existed and hurt players and societies who devoted much of their time to the server and did what they could to play, even at the costs that the whole situation created.

    I am very sorry that some players are now determined to abandon the game they like and have been playing for years, but it has become a joke.

    If you feel like me, talk about it.

    See you.

  • Hi SixPT, thanks for your thoughtfull post. While your points 1 and 2 are the same for me, I agree to most of your text, though I would like a add some different thoughts to some of them.

    Unequal treatment:

    Maybe they FEEL like treating us equal and "fair", but whenever they argue about that, they forget that we TALK to each other, ingame, by PN but most of all all over the internet. The latest problem, the refunds for app problems ... well they told us some points, but they forget that we talk to other customers, who tell us, they are eligible to all 3 points, but have not been refunded.

    What I miss, is some interest in their customers, some empathy, that makes RN people ask, if REALLY everyone was refunded correctly. Or differently: there are sooo many bugs in the game, but their scripts must be totally correct, they never have a doubt.

    Well, and there is one thing, I often think about: at least in the German forum, we are never called "customers" always "players" or - worse - "users". The message this brings up: we are just users, who benifit from their work, their hard work .. we are not customers, not business partners, who give their time and money so their business has a good basis.

    See, the word is empathy ... only few employes really show empathy, Samisu and Saphirus are examples (and most of the volunteers). But have we ever experienced empathy from Petr, Joerg, Frederik or Lars (CEOs) talking to us (or let Samisu give us a message from their desk), have the bosses ever let us know, they exist and care about us?

    If I read business blogs or startup blogs about Travian, those bosses are proud that they still own the company, they are proud of their money they have put in ... but they forget, that their REAL business resources are their cmployees and their customers.

    And therefore I would not blame the programmers and devs, if I look at certain details, they are great ... see, I watched some of them after they left the company, they all do a great job in their new projects, they fix bugs in no time, they talk HTML5, they create smooth applications, robust and with good performance. So my thoughts are: the team might be caught in some organisation, that sets priority to the decisions of the shareholders, without asking if they are wise, smart or doable.

    Well, this is just another perception that might change some of your thoughts ... but at the end, the results are the same.


    Well, I suppose there was something in the new version, that REALLY made problems. Many of us might not have noticed and they will never tell us. Maybe some of the HTML5 functions destroyed the database ... whatever it was ... this was the first time in 5 years, that they took back a new verstion and did NOT keep it and try to fix it in the running system. There must have been one more big reason, why for the first time in RN history they did that.


    Many companies go that way: "We do not tell about that, cause it affects privacy laws." That's the easy way to tell nothing.

    However, Salix TOLD us, they plan to refund gold, so after the decision was made, where is the privacy, when they tell us: "refunds were made in gold"?

    There's also no privacy affected, when they tell "We refunded app players" ... no name told, but those app customers, who were left out by a mail bug or a wrong script ... they at least have a chance to contact support, and ask.

    Some companies are so proud about their secrets .. if you ask: "What color is the sky?" they will answer: "We cannot tell, it's private data." Companies who act like that lose trust ... and custumers.

    So you think: "RN is committing suicide". I would agree, and I feel sad about that.

    However, when you look at the changes (not the program changes, the business changes), the company has made during the last 12 months ... I am thinking the same.

    Well, those are my thoughts, in some points a perception different from yours, but our results are similar. What I miss, is empathy. Samisu and Saphirus show a lot of empathy, they accept and respect us, but they are just two of the employed people, and during the last 5 years I have not witnessed a sign of empathy coming from the top positions, the managers and CEOs.

    Emplathy shown by the bosses would be a first step for a change of atmosphere and climate, that would change everything: interaction, respect, reputation, income, quality, pride and enthusiasm about their product ...

    Frei nach Führungscoach Sandra von Oehsen. Zwei Fragen, die sich Unternehmen stellen sollten:

    Was können unsere Kunden von uns lernen?

    Und was können unsere Kunden von uns lernen, was sie gar nicht lernen sollen?

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  • I don't have to much to say, everything was said up there, I totally agree with your both thoughts, sadly that part of the privacy and as we are users, players, costumers or clients, you (the ones sit on the desk counting money) should know that if you really compensate players because of the issues created by you and didn't consult or at least communicate how they can be compensated or even worst if you tell them that they will have compensation but in the end they got nothing, remember that are real people expending real money in this side that are not happy and as I know (is not much) that's discrimination and misleading publicity, I'm sure that it's more than enough to open an investigation to your company at least to make sure that we are not being discriminated.

  • I was not affected but will add my two cents.

    1. If two players have the same problem and compensation is given for the exact same problem the compensation should be the same regardless as to who pays and who does not.

    2. When you start are special server such as Masters 2 and you create special rules such as you must be in the top 500 individual rankings to move forward, you do not lower that standard to 834 simply to fill the final server. If this is to be a competition then let it be a competition! When you lower the standard to "everyone is a winner" then there isn't much reason for competitors to compete. Frankly, the only reason I play the game is for the completion, individual, team, city, regional, or east/west, it is all about competition. If you take competition away I will find a new game to play.