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  • weird poll.... more then 20 servers all language 's and you want us to poll on 1 association ? even dunno them so no vote

    Dear RЕDŴŌĻF™ ,

    this is a poll with over 10 submissions; associations from all domains have sent in there creations.

    You do not have to know the associations, you just have to look at them all and pick the one you like most.


  • Hello everyone,

    the purpose of this challenge is to pick the most fabulous association within Rail Nation.

    The fact you do not know the participating associations does not mean you can not vote for one of them.

    Please take a good look at them and pick the submission you like best; what message, what creation do you like best. Try not to be too rigid and objectively read the different submissions.


  • Well, as 99% of us will not know all - or just only 2 - of these associations, the objective is not to vote for those best playing the game or that with most wins or those with most friends ... the voting is about their presentation.

    And if you think, their introduction was set up better, smarter, funnier than whatever the RN marketing people did to promote the game, you got a good reason to vote for them.

    Henry Ford: "Ob du glaubst du schaffst es, oder ob du glaubst, die Limitierungen verhindern das ...

    du hast auf jeden Fall Recht."

    Ob der andere nett oder böse schreibt, deine Bewertung wird immer deinem Vorurteil entsprechen.

    Technisch: Win 10 Pro, Firefox 77.0.1 (64 bit), Adobe Flash immer aktuell

  • Hello,

    Is Rail Nation distracted and pretending that the unjustifiable should be understood?

    When it says: OPEN UNTIL 30 th, in HUMAN language it means that on that day the function remains socially valid for 24 hours, and this is how it happens around the world, even for tax payment .... but what we must understand with these following sentences?


    Event Description

    • We invite all associations to participate in this challenge by creating their 'association footprint' and posting it in this> submission thread <

    • The 'association footprint' is a short and creative presentation of your association (you can see an example below).

    • The submission thread will remain open until Monday, 30 September 2019. All submissions posted in the submission thread will not be visible to the public until Monday.

    • On Monday, 30 September 2019, the submission thread will be locked and all submissions will be published.

    • At the same time, we will publish a poll where the community can vote for the best association

    • The voting period will end on Monday, 07 October 2019, when all votes will be published and the winning association will be announced.


    The RN closed the participation in the early hours of DAY 30 and with it achieved the HISTORIC feat of having published in just over 5 hours the name of the 12 associations that first submitted their data, but after all not even their logo displays at the time of. vote.

    Associations that saved the 30th by improving their holdings like LYNA TRAINS, tried ... tried ... tried .... but left out, ..... because after all Rail Nation, which is supposed to have rules with Strictly speaking, it forgot to say that attendance closed at 06:03 am (GMT + 1) and posted at 11:16 am (GMT + 1) contrary to the socially accepted deadline rule.

    For this, and because they did not show the effort of the presentation, it would be better to have the simple names of put all the associations to the vote.

    Anyway, Rail Nation at its best.

    Good luck.


  • Normally the day ends at 11:59:59 pm, probably RN forgot to mention which country

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