Master of Secrets

  • Dear challengers,  

    The final Masters Community Challenge is about to begin.

    We're excited to kick off the finale of our Masters Community Challenge series. And in the end, only one player will be able to obtain the well-deserved title Master of Secrets.

    Date of the first chapter: Tomorrow, 9 October 2019 – in <this thread>.

    Date of the last chapter: 26 October 2019 – 16:00 UTC (be ready at this time).

    May the final challenge begin!

    Good luck,

    Your Rail Nation team

  • Prologue: A bad awakening

    I, the passenger on seat number 4, opened my eyes. The unbearable pain in my head interrupted my rest. How long did I sleep? I couldn't tell. Could have been 3 minutes or 3 days... Or maybe even longer? The last thing I remembered was that I boarded this train. But then... What happened then? My mind was clouded. I couldn't remember anything. Not even my name. I looked around and realized that all the other seats around me were empty. However, I was sure that there were lots of other passengers when I boarded the train. What happened to them? I looked outside the window... The train was moving with high velocity through some kind of tunnel. And based on the screeching and wheezing sounds of the machinery, it was running full speed! I stared outside, trying to get an idea where I was. But all I saw was darkness and white fog everywhere. It was a terrifying sight.


    The door to the engine was just a few meters away. The conductor was probably in there, so I walked over to the door and tried to open it. But the door was locked. A big, massive iron lock of red color was hanging at the door. There was an inscription on the lock:

    "Only the Master of Secrets has the key to this lock".


    How bizarre. What was going on? I knocked on the door 'bam bam bam'. "Hey! ... Is anybody in there?", no answer. Either the conductor wasn't in there or he refused to reply.

    I had a bad feeling about this situation. A very... bad... feeling.