Chapter 1: Locked out!

  • Chapter 1: Locked out!

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    Once again, I read the text on the lock: "Only the Master of Secrets has the key to this lock".

    I didn’t know who this Master of Secrets was, but I had to find him. Hopefully, he was on this train. I looked around the empty wagon where I woke up. The seats were fancy and clean, but empty. All but one... Something was lying on one of the seats. As I got closer, I saw that it was a train ticket. It appeared that coffee was spilled all over it, so it was impossible to read the origin and the destination, but the ticket was issued not too long ago: On June 14th, 1911. On the little table, next to the seat, there were two empty teacups. On the table next to it, an old, dusty wooden abacus was standing.

    It looked like nobody has touched it for years. There was a tiny inscription on it "Fatto In Italia". I tried to lift the abacus, but the object didn't move, as if someone glued it to the table. It appeared that nothing in the wagon was of any use for me. Confused I walked through the wagon until I got to the orange door on the other side. The door would lead to the second wagon. I pushed it but it didn't move... I was locked out!


    Both, the door to the engine and the door to the rest of the train were locked. Staring at the orange door, I noticed that the door and the abacus were of the same color, maybe even of the same material. It seemed that there was some kind of connection between the door and the abacus. Maybe, if I moved the stones on the abacus in a certain order, the door would open...


    Task: Identify, how the stones on the abacus have to be moved

  • Oh dear!

    In the German forum I also posted the complete maths ... but I am a helpful person ... you can ALWAYS trust me.

    Drei Gruppen sagen immer die Wahrheit:

    1. Kinder 2. Betrunkene 3. Jeder, der verdammt noch mal stinksauer ist.

  • That was a very nice first challenge, looking forward to the next ones ;)

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

    Likely coming back for clash!

  • 14. Juni 1911

    D! / M^2) - Y



    0---000000000 – 9

    00---00000000 – 8

    00000000---00 – 2

    000---0000000 – 7

    000000000---0 – 1

    0000---000000 – 6

    000000000---0 – 1

    00000000---00 – 2

    000000---0000 – 4

    00000000---00 – 2

  • i cannot understand this kinda of math or whatever it is.. this should be an easy first round for everyone to understand it. Not for everyone to see it and just leave it.. you guys there you made a big mistake... not everyone have the knowledge you are seeking for.. that way you excludeway to much people out of the game to early...shame such a shame.

  • An abacus works from bottom to top to the power of 10.

    Bottom row is units of 1

    Moving up: units of 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 etc etc

    Top row = units of 1 Billion.

    14 June 1911 = 697,779 Days on the Gregorian Calendar

    Or perhaps you should take the Roman Calendar or the Julian Calendar instead?

    I don't believe the puzzel makers are that smart, but it would be a much 'cooler' solution considering the 'Fatto in Italia" remark! These Calendars include several versions however and have changed frequently over time, so it's really impossible to apply.

    Gregorian: (from top to bottom):

    0 0 0 0 6 9 7 7 7 9 (There is no year 0 by the way, you start at Jan 1st of the year 1).

    Alternatively, enter:

    60,288,105,600 seconds

    1,004,801,760 minutes

    16,746,696 hours

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

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