Chapter 2: Order and Chaos

  • When I look at the original image, I still cannot see the differences that are now clearly on this new image (clock and hat).

    ?Am I actually colour blind without ever realizing it before ? You are making me question my eyes LOL

    Hat on the right has a pink flower, whereas the clocks have different border colours.

    Does this make it any better?

    Even with HMR's image I can't see what the difference is with the animal in the picture or below the spoons on the wall

    You mean the tiny horse somewhere down from the spoons? If it's that, there's a flask behind the horse on the right that isn't there on the left, the choice of colours was horrible though, I struggle to even notice there was an item there.

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  • No, not that animal, the one in the painting on the wall.

    Plus HMR's image has two differences marked where the spoons are.

  • Thanks for excluding 8% of the population. 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colourblind so cannot correctly answer this question by themselves.

    i agree with you mate. these people are only thinking a certain amount of individuals inside their network of contacts . They didnt took the time of study the rest of us too...