Chapter 5: The electric door

  • Chapter 5: The electric door

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    It was like a miracle. As if I was guided by a greater intelligence. I typed the numbers that first came into my mind. A green light appeared on the metallic device and the door opened. This wagon was bigger than the other ones and it was filled with multiple private passenger cabins. When I arrived at the next wagon door and saw that it was locked again, I saw there was a diary lying on the floor. I picked it up and read the last entry:


    "Perché mi sono dovuto sedere nella cabina con il numero sfortunato? Da quando il treno è entrato nel tunnel sono successe cose strane e la gente ha iniziato a perdere la testa. Ho paura. Mi nasconderò nel prossimo vagone. Se qualcuno lo trova: se vuoi aprire la porta elettrica al prossimo vagone, devi combinare i 3 cavi corretti. Lascerò un suggerimento segreto per te nella mia cabina. Se trovi il suggerimento, saprai quali sono i cavi corretti."

    There were some cables at the wagon door:


    I had to investigate the cabin of this mysterious passenger. But which one was his cabin? I looked in all cabins, but they were all empty except of 4: Cabin 8, cabin 13, cabin 17 and cabin 21.

    Investigate Cabine 8

    Investigate Cabin 13

    Investigate Cabin 17

    Investigate Cabin 21

    Task: Find the secret hint from the passenger to identify which 3 cables need to be combined.

  • my answer is: 6-4-1

  • Just for not-italian:

    in the Italian tradition the unfortunate number is 17.

    the reason is simple: if we write 17 in Roman numerals it is XVII.

    The anagram is VIXI which in Latin means "I was" or even "I lived".

    To the past, then now....

    The right Cabin is n° 17

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