Chapter 6: The final wagon

  • Chapter 6: The final wagon

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    I combined the correct 3 cables. The Indigo blue door opened, and I stepped into a small, comfortable wagon which seemed to be a VIP bedroom. It was the last wagon! At last! At last, I reached the other side of the train! A pleasing feeling of relief overcame me. But it did not last for long... only a moment later, my smile faded, and I collapsed, as I realized that this last room was also empty. Just as empty as the other wagons. As empty as the whole bloody train. It seemed the "Master of Secrets" was a farce. There was no Master. There was no other passenger on the train. Not a single soul. I was all by myself. Was this the end? Would I starve to death on this never-ending journey?


    I looked around me. Some red flowers on the table, a piece of paper, a purple pen, an empty bag. And... a purple chest on the bed.

    I grabbed the chest and tried to open it. Locked. No keyhole, no lever, no buttons, no nothing. And nothing else in the room seemed to be of any help for me. Except...

    I took a step back and grabbed the document on the table. I read the notes:

    - Name of the company this train belongs to: __________

    - Number of people who boarded this train at the day when it started the journey: __________

    - Name of the region where this tunnel is located: __________

    - Name of the town where the train started: __________

    - In which year does this journey end for most people: __________

    I took the purple pen. I had no idea what the answers to these questions were... But maybe my inner voice would guide me once again.

    I began to write

    Task: Find the correct answers to all 5 questions to unlock the chest

  • I feel your pain. Your suffering will soon be over. You will find a Red key (with a Letter and a Number inscription).

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

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