Chapter 3: Antonella's package

  • Chapter 3: Antonella's package

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    After hours of searching, the hidden switch was found and the door to the next wagon was opened. The next wagon was very similar to the one where I awoke: Clean, fancy, but with nothing but empty seats and tables in it. A smell of tobacco lied in the air, but no trace of cigarettes or cigars. Arriving on the other side of the wagon, I pushed the door (which this time was green), to see if it would open. But no. Of course, this door was locked as well. However, this time, something was different. This door had a keyhole. But where was the key? As I walked back, past the seats, looking for any object that may indicate how the door can be opened, I stopped at table #14, where I found a package on the floor, right under the seat. The package had the inscription "Roma" and right below the name "Antonella Viteli". I knew it was not appropriate to take other people's property, but given the situation of being in a seemingly cursed train without passengers on it (god knows what happened to them) and without knowing if I would ever make it out alive, I decided to make an exception. I sat down and opened the package. A bunch of keys dropped out and landed right on my lap... Each key had a different color and number on it.

    • A brown key with the number 9
    • A black key with the number 14
    • A white key with the number 40
    • A pink key with the number 59
    • A grey key with the number 77

    Nothing more was inside the package. Just those keys. How bizarre... maybe one of those keys would open the green door? I looked at the door again. I went to the door with the keys in my hands. Which key number is the right one?

    Task: Identify the color and number of the correct key


    And after I saw that none of the keys worked, I looked around in the wagon once again, and there... right under the seat where I sat, I found a green key, with the number 29 on it. It must have fallen on the floor the moment I opened the package. I tried this key, and finally opened the green door.

  • As we can see in the keys there are 2 differences.

    1) Colors

    2) Numbers

    But the unlock is only related to the shape of the key.

    the shape

    All the keys have the same shape.

    If the picture is correct ...

    all keys will unlock the door ...

    or none.

  • Unless, HMR .... you forget about ... magic.

    There is so much magic and mystery in the story ... so it might also be in the keys.

    On the other hand, I wonder why that mystic passenger does not look for the safety brake. There MUST be one, it's law.

    Drei Gruppen sagen immer die Wahrheit:

    1. Kinder 2. Betrunkene 3. Jeder, der verdammt noch mal stinksauer ist.

  • I do not believe this is the answer.

    But these are free thoughts on obvious facts

  • my answer is: "A grey key with the number 77"

  • Letters to numbers:
    Antonella = 94 +

    Viteli = 77

    = 171 = 9

    = Brown Key #9

    or of course just take the Table #14 = Black key which seems to have a hidden matching code derived from adding the difference between each key number: 5 + 26 + 19 + 18 = 68 = also #14!

    (or it's just a hidden date 5-26-1918) :P

    Again, these puzzels can have thousands of possible answers depending on which information you decide to use and which you decide to exclude. Guessing which information is or is not included in the author's choice of answers is well.. more of a Psychological puzzel, which I don't really care for.

    Other answers:
    Grey #77 Viteli (letters to numbers) = 77 and 7+7 = Table #14

    Grey #77 is left over as Key 2 - Key 1 = 5. Key 4 - Key 3 = 19. 19 - 5 = Table 14.

    Pink # 59 by the way = also #14! and is the only 'Prime' number key.

    White #40 is the only key that you can not produce a #14 with in combination with the other keys.

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

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  • a key combination on your keyboard might reveal the right answer..

    a ccombination of the colors might reveal the right answer..take colors throw them in a painting and come with something..

    Take your keyboard smash it and the combination will reveal the right answer..

    I CANT criticize cause.. cause is against the law.. but. if i had you in front of me i propably put all those keys in the door and open with the right one...or i would smash it down.. or i would jump out of the ******* window... this is just ridiculous... oh man i cant believe im putting some thought over this...

    WHEN THIS IS GONNA BE END. i will start crying of joy when it will happen.

    Even more funny is that from all the chapters people vote as the most difficult this one...thats says something for the game...

  • I actually have a Mac too. But the hint is not useful at all, whatever keyboard you have :P

    - Phone keypad maybe? Where each number key corresponds with 3 possible letters?

    - Music 'Keyboard'?

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

  • Well it's seems once again RN is not being fair to everyone....

    Bugs, just a few did received (I was affected but didn't get any compensation)

    Load and unload on the same Industry counts 2 stops on app but on PC counts one stop (RN team knows this we where playing with the ancient interface), by the way I created that thread but once again I was ignored.

    Clash, disqualified players that cheat but only the ones that were benefited and the ones that helped those disqualified players weren't.

    Is RN being fair with all RN players?

    Probably this comment will be deleted......