Epilogue: The Master of Secrets

  • Epilogue: The Master of Secrets

    I hit the green button. The breaks released a loud, screeching and painful sound that pierced through my ears, my head, my whole body. The white fog around the train seemed to become more and more vicious with every moment. It twirled and twisted like a tornado around the train. Everything turned cloudy. Everything turned white as the train got slower. The screeching noise from the wheels git louder and I closed my eyes, bearing with the pain… Suddenly, a whooshing sound. A bump. The train stopped. It was over…

    The Master of Secrets opened his eyes and found himself in his bed. He looked around and recognized his bedroom. What a bizarre dream. He dreamt that he was on an Italian ghost train from 1911. But it felt so real, as if it really happened. How absurd…

    Anyway, it was time to get up. His association was waiting for him and there was a lot of business to be done. He had the feeling a very productive day was about to begin...


    The End

    Congratulations to Klabbauter and Kocherga for the victory in the last, and hardest challenge.

    There was some confusion since the description of the rules in the last chapter slightly differ from the description in the submission thread. Since Klabbauter won based on the rules in the last chapter, and Kocherga won based on the rules in the submission thread, the team has decided to award both players winner of the challenge.

    Congratulations and hats off to all those players who also went through those tough and sometimes confusing ruddles and made it all the way to the correct final password!