Chapter 4: A message from the future

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    Chapter 4: A message from the future

    As I entered the next wagon, a shock overcame me. In this short moment of confusion and irritation, I stopped my breath as I didn't understand what I was seeing. This wagon looked strange. Everything was different, even the material the wagon was made of. The whole interior design had a style that I have never seen before. Probably nobody has ever seen anything like that before.


    Also, there was a strange metallic device with numbers attached to the next door. It seemed that once again, some sort of code was needed.


    What kind of silly game was this? How many more doors would I need to open to reach the end? And would the Master of Secrets be waiting for me on the other side and give me the key to the cockpit? I walked a few steps back to pick up the only thing that was lying on a table: a very strangely shaped cookie. I grabbed it. Something seemed to be inside, so I broke it open. And indeed, there was a piece of paper inside:


    The message was supposedly from the year 2018. But the current year was 1911... This did not make any sense. Or was this a message from the future? An absurd thought. What a nightmare! I walked over to the metallic device next to the door and tried to enter a code. Since I had no clues, I had to rely on my intuition and gut instinct.

    Task: Use the information from this waggon to find the correct code. Act as the inner voice of the passenger and help to enter the right numbers.

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