RN2018-7055 Investing in Harbor - seeing wait time for specific good

  • When looking at wait time for a specific good and then trying to invest to lower it, regardless of how many times you pick a good from the drop down menu, it always shows the effect of investing on coal. I've seen this behavior on both PC and Android.

  • You are probably investing in a warehouse and not in a facility, and probably not talking about any classic map.

    Am I right?

    To see the waiting time to the other goods you need to select other good where you have the coal....

  • I would like to see the harbors in Big Ben and Tower Bridge, be controlled by the controlling association and not by region officers. Most regional officials have no idea our to play it. If you are playing to harbors or ware houses then you will not be elected to the regions officials. The ships as fun as they could be are not being put to good use in the game.

  • Rmtcp - No I really meant investing in harbor on the Europe map. Apparently Technical Support understood what I was saying, and logged it as a bug.

    Tech Support - I noticed it works properly on Android phone, but not Android tablet. It also does not work properly on PC.