• Well, there should be one continue or ok-button. or something similar. Can you show us a screenshot? I don't remember how the registration works cause I registered some time ago.

  • You first have to physically connect 2 cities with railroad tracks.

    In order to send and pickup passengers, both cities MUST be at least at level 5.

    When all this is done, buy a passenger train and setup a new schedule between those 2 cities.

  • How do i connect another city for using Passenger engine?

    to build tracks to a second city you have to upgrade your trackproduction also at your station.


    Watch your thoughts because they can become words

    Watch your words because they become your deeds

    Watch your deeds because they become your habits

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  • I by lottery ticket , for a special prise 15 gold, and when I try to open ticket, error poped out Error 16... I dont know... How to get my 15 golds ?? Or ticket ?