Scenario - We love our Home city! (suggestion)

  • If prestige in the home city of the team is 2x. This is only a benefit to the players who play for this city. But it does not diminish the prestige you gain in other cities.

    For any help in another city you will receive as much prestige as you do now :)

  • The idea of "love our home city" it is great and i love it. But about implementing it I think otherwise like Samisu . Not to be more bonuses or other rewards for those who "love their home city" but some constrains/restrains for the other players that don't love their city. I think that more bonuses will drive to another type of "individualistic bonus hunting game" versus a focus on the "loved home city" teamwork. In essence it is about constraining more players to find strategies to develop their home city. Something that "less means more" principle. Something like less advantages for those who are not playing a "love our city" kind of game.