Stop selling instant reactivation vouchers

  • The ability to buy instant reactivation vouchers for gold is causing problems. Certain folks either have more money than they know what to do with and buy an inordinate amount of gold, or have found a way to cheat and get free gold. Either way, they lay tons and tons of tracks to connect all over the map. Then they scour the map for competitions they want to win. The put their trains into the museum, then instantly reactivate them where the competition is. As soon as the competition is over, they do the reverse. They effectively teleport their trains all over Europe.

    If you limit the instant reactivation to only those vouchers won by buying lottery tickets, that should lessen the situation.

    Of course, if someone has figured out a way to get unlimited gold, that will always throw off the balance. I sure hope they like winning by cheating. It just disgusts the rests of us.

  • Hello Steve,

    I would have to say that byuing gold makes this game roll for the ones who play without buying. What you are actually asking is for Travian to stop one of the main resources of making money. Speaking on a business level, they should not (and will not) do it at any level.

    Just my 2 cents in the discussion.

  • The people with seemingly unlimited gold will just open a ton of tickets and get their vouchers that way. But I agree that instant dispatch is lame. In real life you can boost your vehicle's speed and service, but you can never instantly load.

    It can be replaced by increased acceleration, in my opinion.

  • I'm not opposed to the use of gold, just for the instant dispatch vouchers. I understand that is what supports the game. I buy gold for plus accounts, and some other things. I'd be happy if instant dispatch went away altogether. Or perhaps make trains reappear in the city they were in when they went into the museum.

  • That is a thing I think it won't happen, not using instants or blocking some parameters players don't buy instants, if they don't buy instants they don't expend gold, if they don't expend gold they don't buy gold if they don't buy gold, if they don't buy gold RN doesn't make money, this is a good, but most important is bright future it's a company, company with no money no Rail Nation...

  • well.. all i see is players abusing some parametres of the game while others does not have the same goals. in the end of the day it is what it is but that doesnt make it right..

    And lets be real here.. why those players who pay money they dont have more options so they can beNEFIT even more from the game and beat even more the players that they dont pay.. WHY the rail nation does not give them more oportunitys why the rail nation does not give them more premium futures.. I THINK that the ones that should be unjustified are the ones that pay real money... the rail nation wants to maintain a standard player base of players so the ONES that pay real money can HAVE A REASON OF CONTINUING the game.. or else they wouldnt even look at a game who doesnt have players.

    SO in conclusion if you want to maintain a solid playerbase... make a room for the p2w players and one for the free to play sure the p2w they will enter in the f2p room but with decent premium activities and not with ABUSIVE ones.

    Now there you have it... is this gonna ever be implemented?? WELL if you ask me no. if you ask why.. look previus answers...

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  • Hello,

    I really think that some players have figure out a way to get unlimited gold. It's not only the illimited reactivation vouchers, but they can get all the vouchers in an illimited way. (Boosts on engine, reduction of the waiting time for passengers....), and most of it they can get all the lottery tickets they want... i let u imaginate all possibilities which that offers.

  • It is true what several stand out: using gold implies buying it and thus being able to keep the game free for those who, like me, never buy gold (although I do not deny, sometimes, it makes me want. XD)

    However, the abuse cannot be consented no matter how much the existence and use of gold is defended.

    3 interesting procedure that gives more balance could something like this:

    1st option: 2 simultaneous changes:

    - First, prevent trains from being repaired in the museum, that is, the engines can only be maintained if they are active.

    - Second, when you decide to reactivate the train waiting for 10 minutes, the train will be repaired for free. If the waiting time is skipped with an immediate reactivation coupon, you must pay the maintenance (later, when engine be active). I know... this does not balance the use or abuse or not of coupons for this purpose, but it does "reward" those who do not have them and must wait 10 minutes, since "at least" will not spend money to repair them.

    2nd Option (independent of the previous one, but both can be presented).

    - When entering a train to the Museum, the time when this is "sleeping" begins to be counted. Let's call that new variable: "Vigil Time" (VT), which is calculated with 50 percent of the total time the Train remains parked in the Museum.

    - This time continues to accumulate each time the same train returns to the Museum.

    - When you want to reactivate a train and do not want to wait for 10 minutes, you can use an Immediate Reactivation voucher, provided that the "Vigil Time" of this train is longer than 10 minutes. When taking it out, 10 minutes of VT will be disscount. But, if VT <10 min and still want to reactivate immediately, an additional ticket must be paid. Thus, it can be reactivated to 3 Gold and 10 minutes accumulated in the VT, or for 6 gold.

    3rd option: (independent of the previous).

    Another possibility is that "apprentices" (1 star or none) in the daily loto, will be awarded ONLY whit Instant Dispatch, Engine Boost or Mechanic vouchers (among others) and NEVER money prizes.


    The most viable could be the 1st and 3rd options.

    Sorry by text length and my english ;)



  • My opinion is, let the people who want to spend money in the game continue with it. I don’t buy gold also. They give me the chance to keep playing this game

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  • I can understand that it can be frustrating for players that do not have the instant dispatches to use them in the same way, however there have been times especially in Era 2 where I choose to opt for Elephants and I have quite a few cities that I will place them in the museum and activate them and wait the cool down.

    It is also possible to win Gold from the game, that can then be used to buy discounted lottery tickets from the Videos that can reward you with these vouchers.

    Obviously the more cities you have - the more gold you can win. But in Era 5-6 I tend to be able to win 150-200 Gold a day and as I only buy 5/10 Lottery tickets that enables me to purchase anywhere from 40 tickets if I have won 200 Gold, to 20 tickets so if we take the middle ground and say that I can purchase 30 a day, as well as the free ones I am awarded. Some of these tickets will contain Gold, and I will receive quite a few instant dispatches from them. So not all players that do use Instant Dispatches are Gold Players.

    I've also previously done some of the Offers available in the Gold Shop for Gold, at no charge. It just depends if any of the offers are relevant to me at the time. I personally like the survey ones that sometimes pop up.


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  • I would like to remove the museum reactivation delay totally. So many engines are only efficient for one job. Nearly everyone chooses the same trains, the others are just stepping stones or clutter to be researched later. Without that activation delay, people might research and buy engines they normally skip. Having long haul or sprinters in the museum for instant use would make the game more fun for me. I know instant dispatch is the path, but I value those for other uses and my museum is seldom visited.

  • The 10 minute delay was probably put in place for a couple reasons.. A to stop abuse with the "teleport" effect .. and B to create a cash flow path Via the ID/IR voucher.

    Here is another possible way to Curb the abuse of this system: only allow trains to be moved from the museum to the Players HOME city.

    Phase 2 of this solution is to Limit how often a players home city can be changed to once per 24 hour period. (same as association switching limits).

    Play the Game instead of Gaming the system.