What is your connection to business?

  • What is your connection to business and/or economics? 7

    1. I studied something related to it (5) 71%
    2. I have a management position myself (1) 14%
    3. I aim to become a manager myself (2) 29%
    4. I plan to found my own business or already did so (2) 29%
    5. I am interested in this topic and frequently watch/read news about it (1) 14%
    6. Other (please specify in this thread) (1) 14%

    Dear players,

    A few weeks ago we asked you what your connection to trains is. Now we would like to know what your connection to business is since Rail Nation is not only a game about trains. It is also about building your own Railroad Company; making money, networking and building up and improving your transportation business.

    This poll is for everybody who not only has a connection to business in the digital world of gaming but also in real life. We'd like to know from you:

  • To startup the business engine...

    you're welcome ;)

    I've studied marketing, art direction (print production) and business administration. The last one I had to put on hold just when I started working on my thesis. It became pretty much impossible to merge two full-time "jobs" in a tight schedule, so I went with the more worthwhile road of solopreneur for now. Stll got a firm grip on my railroad switches...

    As the post above says, RN is not only about the trains and I know plenty of players who like the business side of it, calculating, planning, leading a team or working as part of a team. Some are playing just for the numbers and strategy, running your railroad business, while some are fascinated by the realistic engines of different eras. And who says you can't like em both? :saint:

    Give your votes and share your connection to business here in this thread.

  • Lots of business managers here? So, how can we invite Petr to tell about his life?

    About me .. .I studied "something like that". Maths and computer science to start with and changed jobs between IT teacher, project manager, IT Manager. Second half of my job life started with studying ways to counsel and coach people (NLP and many more) and ended up with a certificate as family coach and management coach. So I became a freelancer and switched between teaching, IT projects and coaching ... and sailing. Now I am retired and - if it's fun - develop games in virtual worlds or applications for charities.

    So yes, I fulli agree. Railrod romance is one thing that brought me here, but also the challange to decide about strategies, do the maths (hehe, business).

    There are more sides of RN. Fighting to be a winner is one thing many come for ... and the "opposite" to meet friends and interact in groups of players. But that's not the theme of this thread.

    So yes, I got a connection to business, though I started with maths and teaching ... it was, what I neede for the business jobs.

    Beliebt sein ist eigentlich ganz einfach:

    Man muss nur immer sagen, was die anderen hören wollen.

    Leider liegt mir das so überhaupt nicht.