SoE - Your favorite region to start in?

  • My favorite region to start in 15

    1. North (3) 20%
    2. North-West (3) 20%
    3. Central (3) 20%
    4. South-East (3) 20%
    5. North-East (1) 7%
    6. South-West (1) 7%
    7. South-Southeast (1) 7%
    8. East (0) 0%
    9. West (0) 0%
    10. South (0) 0%

    You can find the map of Europe scenario from above.

    What is your favorite location to start the round in, and how often do you change between starting regions? And how about the starting cities?

  • My favorite region - where my friends are :)

  • My favorite region - where my friends are :)


    Usually we change every round and I will soon have played 1 round in every region.

    And I can definitely say some are better than others. My top 3 would be SSE - N - NW. With NW going top1 in more crowded servers due to the harbour placement. The 2 worst regions would be E and S IMO. The rest are basically in the middle.

    Fr-201 Bad Wolf de coeur

    en pause indéterminée - away from the game until next interesting server

  • I would say the same as Hear Me Roar

    But I also have 1-2 favorite regions, and a few "dislikes" . Don't going to mention them here though, as the most important is to play with friends/team

    Steam over Europe rocks all other maps so far though :)

  • Do you switch around and take a chance with a new region or is it more likely for you to return to a "safe zone"?

    I've moved between North and North-West mostly, but that was before the pre-registration and with a different account. Haven't done a real round in Europe in a very long time, and SoE definitely needs a team around you.

  • On the SOE is teamwork in a region very important when you play on the classic servers you can choose for 1 city on the SOE you have to coöperate with the other associations in your regio and you don't work for 1 city but for the whole regio. Just as filling the landmarks, you have to do it all together.